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Nomvo came into existence because the number of people who know nothing about digital marketing is almost that same as the number of people who need and rely on it daily; if not more. With so many digital marketing “resources, experts, and agencies” that misrepresent what digital marketing is, and how it should be implemented… the decision was made to share all of the insights, experiences, and training needed for any individual, company, or enterprise to succeed in the digital space; all free of charge.

That is not to say that there are no useful resources available. Nor are we suggesting that there are no experts who truly know how to help anyone interested in gaining visibility for their brand/business.Additionally, our intention is also not to suggest that there is a lack of marketing agencies whose sole purpose is to see their client achieve a worthwhile and acceptable ROI on their investment in the digital marketing space. The problem is that it can be difficult to know whom to trust, what type of campaign will actually work, and how to guarantee measurable success. Nomvo is solely dedicated to making sure that that’s no longer an issue for anyone looking for help, at ZERO cost to them.

Design - Our First Step

The beginning of ANY digital marketing campaign should always start with “designing” the perfect scenario as it relates to getting a reasonable and acceptable ROI on the time and resources dedicated to the campaign. Without it this first step, the likelihood of failure is both magnified and intensified.

Strategy - Our Second Step

Once a digital marketing campaign has been designed and accepted by all parties involved, creating a strategy (aka roadmap to success) is the obvious next step since it connects the dots and identifies the needed plan of action for success.

Execution - Our Third Step

After a strategic marketing plan has been designed and measured out by way of strategy session and analysis, the only thing left to do is focus on getting to work… aka execution of what’s been decided on and will create a successful marketing campaign.

Honest Communication - Our Every Step

Regardless of how successful or challenging a digital marketing project might be, or how large/ small a company is, or how long we’ve worked with a client…. HONESTY AND COMMUNICATION IS THE ONLY REQUIREMENT WE HAVE within our team of experts. With this foundational piece attached to everything that Nomvo does, creating and spearheading successful digital marketing campaigns almost becomes guaranteed… regardless of any unknowns or setbacks.


We’ve been asked why we do all of this for free; that is, provide information for the benefit of anyone that wants to read it. The short answer is that digital marketing is in the DNA of Nomvo, and the research and analysis that goes into successful digital marketing is something that we can’t not do. In other words, instead of spending time reading books, browsing online, keeping up with every step of the lives of family and friends in the social media space, or taking long walks on the beach… the Nomvo team is constantly looking at who and what types of marketing campaigns are succeeding the most in literally 100s of industries globally. Doing this free of charge for our global audience further enables us to continue to succeed with our internal projects as well as those of companies and individuals we might consider doing business with.

Since 1998, Murris (Nomvo’s founder) has been studying and using the internet to ensure whatever website he is focused on is both appealing and easily found by his target audience. What started out as a classroom project back in 1998, more than 22 years ago, has turned into a career and life that has enabled him to truly love what he does every day, live abroad, learn another language, and continue to succeed in the digital marketing space for his personal websites, and those of his clients.

After analyzing the type of information being made available to the general public for the last decade, he finally decided to open up the floodgates and share his perspective on everything from “should your business focus on digital marketing” to “how does the internet work?” to “where should a barber shop spend its marketing budget?” to “why can’t my corporation find an agency that truly understands both our product and our ideal client?”, etc.

If you’re interested in hearing the expert perspective from our team, who is greatly influenced by one of the few people on the planet that has had their eyes and ears on the pulse of the internet since its birth in the mid-1990s, please use the contact form and let us know how Nomvo may be of assistance. Enjoy!


Murris Johnson IV

Take Care Of Digital Marketing and It Will Take Care Of You