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It’s likely that you’ve given a lot of thought to how amazing it would be to own the largest and most well-known company in your industry. With your brand being recognized as the go-to company for the products and services you provide, you would be in a position to provide your customers with the value they are looking for month after month, year after year; all while being paid generously. But what is the best way to get to that point? Is it realistic to think that a digital marketing strategy like SEO can help you experience that type of success?


If you’re willing to make the investment of time along with the expertise needed to make it a reality, it’s definitely worth the pursuit. One of the most efficient and practical ways of doing this is to implement a professional search engine optimization strategy.

Why is SEO a recommended way to grow your business?

The short answer is because SEO allows you to be found by your target audience when they are looking for the services you provide. There are benefits to using other forms of marketing like email marketing, social media marketing, and even radio or TV advertisements. But what sets search engine optimization apart from these other forms of marketing is that you’re not advertising your products & services to people when they aren’t looking for them.


However, SEO allows your target audience to search for what they want, when they want it… and during that process, they’re able to find your brand.

Consider an example:

Suppose you’re a software company that provides a project management solution. At this time, Google reports that there are about 60,000 searches each month, using a variety of keywords like:

“project management software”
“best project management software”
“online project management software”
“project management tools”

Using SEO, suppose you were ranked #1 on Google for all of those terms. On average, your TARGET AUDIENCE would see your brand at least 60,000 times per month or (2,000 times per day); but let’s assume that only 1/4 (25%) of those people actually clicked your organic search engine listing and went to your website. That is 500 people per day, visiting your site looking for the exact product you have to offer. When you have such a targeted form of marketing, you can easily expect a 5-10% conversion rate… but, again, let’s assume you only convert 5% of your visitors into paying customers.


What that means is, EVERY DAY, you have 25 new paying customers; 750 per month. Based on this pricing guide ( that shows a pricing comparison of more than 30 different companies, the monthly costs range from $6 to more than $200 per month. Let’s assume that you offered a product that is feature heavy and costs $10 per month. With 750 new paying customers each month, that is $7,500 in recurring revenue each month, and it increases by that minimum amount each month.

Hopefully, you’re starting to see how lucrative an effective SEO strategy can be for your business.

But should you look for a vendor, hire an in-house team, or implement an SEO strategy yourself?

The best answer to that question is… the one that produces guaranteed results. Yes, I know that many “SEO experts” like to say that there are no guarantees when it comes to SEO… but frankly… that’s not true. Rather than get into that wrong mindset, let’s stick with the idea of the importance of choosing professional SEO services that create the success and lucrative ROI that your marketing budget should create.

Whether you decide to work with a vendor or hire an employee that provides professional SEO services, here is what you should look for:

1) Marketers With Hands-On Experience Implementing Successful SEO Strategies


As you probably know, at this time, there is no industry accepted or recognized method to confirm whether or not someone is great at SEO. Sure there are thousands of people that can speak the language of SEO, and others that have a general sense of the strategies and needed skills to implement SEO tactics.

However, it’s an entirely different thing to depend on and pay someone to take care of and succeed in this area of digital marketing all while producing the type of success I described above.

It is for this reason that you have to be willing to hire a digital marketer that possesses the HANDS-ON experience with implementing an SEO strategy that will succeed. You can quickly find out whether or not this is the case by asking the individual or vendor you plan on working with to give you current examples of keywords that are ranking for at the top of page 1 of Google. Additionally, you should ask for referrals from at least 2-3 companies willing to share their experience and success they have had with the vendor you’re thinking about working with.

Doing this will ensure that you’re going to invest your time and money with someone who not only says they know how to succeed with and provide valuable SEO services, but you’ll have someone that has done so multiple times over in the past.

2) Professionals That Aren’t A Jack Of All Trades (as it relates to digital marketing)


One of the things that many marketers like to pride themselves on is being an expert at all things related to digital marketing. I am not suggesting that anyone who possesses all of those skills is incapable of providing value to your digital marketing strategy, but more times than not… many SEO experts are great at just that.

With that said, it’s very valuable to have someone working with you that has a broad range of expertise and experience with various forms of digital marketing. However, when it’s time to hire someone specifically for your SEO strategy, you’re typically going to be much better off hiring someone focused on that since they’ll likely have hands on experience doing exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.

3) “Experts” That Aren’t Afraid To Offer Guarantees


Sadly, there is a common misconception and misrepresentation when it comes to SEO as it relates guaranteed results. Many of the “experts” and vendors in this industry tell their clients and followers that you can’t make guarantees when it comes to search engine optimization. While in a very literal sense, this is true… because tomorrow the internet could be shut down, and search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc could disappear, etc… but it’s nearly impossible that they will actually happen.

That being the case, aside from an extremely rare situation like that… there are far too many reasons why reasonable expectations and guarantees can be made as it relates to professional SEO services.

Therefore, I suggest you only work with a digital marketer willing to make those types of commitments. Just like they want contracts and agreements that require you to commit financially, they should be willing to do the same as it relates to not only the services they provide but also the results created by those services.

4) Those That DEPEND ON Other People’s Opinions & Speculation

Finally, one of the worse digital marketers to work with is one that depends on and is heavily influenced by what “thought leaders” in this industry say. I’m not suggesting that there is no value in getting a sense of what an experienced digital marketer is saying, but you have to be careful.


At this point, there is enough information and tools available to know exactly what it will take to outrank just about any website for any keyword when it comes to SEO. With that being the case, there is very little value in depending on what someone else says rather than looking at the facts.

It can be compared to someone that is being paid to put together a puzzle with a 100% success rate, and once the puzzle is finished, they need to tell the company that hired them every detail of the picture on the puzzle. The person being hired for the job could go around asking about and listening to “expert puzzle builders” to try an get a sense of various details about the final picture, or they can just put it together themselves and make their own conclusions.

In a sense, SEO is very similar…

The point is this…

When it comes to implementing and succeeding with this form of digital marketing, don’t feel like you have to settle for anything other than professional SEO services from an expert… period.

If you don’t have the budget or interest in paying an expert to help your business become one of the most successful in your industry… my advice would be to find a cheaper form of digital marketing and avoiding SEO entirely. You have no idea how painful it is for me to recommend someone not use SEO, but it’s in your best interest.

When it comes to search engine optimization, it’s always going to produce a lucrative ROI that should pay for itself in a matter of months IF you work with someone experienced.

Hopefully, these reminders will help you know exactly what to look for when you’re ready to hire a digital marketer that can ensure you have an SEO strategy in place that works. Nomvo!


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  1. First of all, being bored at work does pay well if you have a smartphone and you browse through blogs. Amazing information with facts thoughtfully incorporated within. Definitely going to come back for more! 🙂

  2. Glad to read another article of yours Murris. Awesome insights here. We definitely have to look for a an SEO company that we can fully trust and rely on. But I just was wondering, how much budget do you recommend for small businesses to invest on an SEO company?

    1. Author

      Hey Emmerey,

      Thanks for your kind words. As it relates to a small business establishing a budget to invest in SEO services, there are a number of factors to consider, such as:

      – how competitive is SEO in your specific industry?
      – are you targeting local or regional keywords?
      – how aggressive are you most successful SEO competitors?
      – how much does each new paying customer make the business annually?
      …to name a few

      To get an accurate answer to this question, it’s best to do this analysis yourself or hire an SEO consultant to do it for you. From there, a small business can get an accurate recommendation of not only how much their SEO budget should be, but they can get a sense of the kind of ROI they should expect.

      I hope this helps. If you want specific information about your business, feel free to use the contact us page and we’ll do this assessment for you for FREE. Thanks again.


      1. Wow. Thanks a lot Murris for the feedback! thanks for the tips and offer! 🙂

  3. Interesting to see how the google is updating and how some knowledge ful people like you are helping us understand the game of SEO.

  4. Interesting article and I would agree with most of it, in particular, I would say that that you are correct with the section, “Professionals That Aren’t A Jack Of All Trades”. SEO is one element of the overall Digital Marketing arena. While they do go hand in hand I’ve seen it on too many occasions where the quality of work done for SEO has been poor due to the lack of expertise when compared to the agency’s digital marketing experience. It’s similar to a Brain Surgeon and Orthopaedic surgeon. Both medical specialists but each has their own speciality that they only involve themselves in. Keep up the good work with your posts. They’re insighful.

  5. Very good info! This is the type of info that needs to be kept a secret. This is one of the best articles I’ve read on this subject in a while. I need to use this advice to improve my site.

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