Guest Posting – Why It Matters, Generates Revenue & Helps Rank In Search Engines

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Introduction To Guest Posting

Guest posting is an important part of a successful digital marketing campaign. It involves writing and publishing content on other websites and blogs, typically with a link back to your own website or blog. Guest posting is an effective way to reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, and boost search engine rankings. In addition, guest posts can generate revenue for your business. By understanding how guest posting works, you can use it to its full potential.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is the practice of writing content for another organization’s website or blog. A guest post is typically written by someone who has experience in the topic being discussed and may include a link back to the author’s website or blog. The benefit of this type of content marketing is that it allows you to target new audiences and build relationships with other publishers and influencers in your industry.

Benefits of Guest Posting

The benefits of guest posting are numerous. Writing content on other websites gives you the opportunity to reach new audiences, establish yourself as an expert in your field, build relationships with other publishers, generate more traffic to your site, increase brand awareness, and boost search engine rankings. All of these things can help you grow your business and generate more revenue over time.

How Does Guest Posting Generate Revenue?

Guest posting can be used as a tool for generating revenue for your business. By creating quality content about topics related to your industry and linking back to relevant pages on your website or blog, you can drive more traffic from readers who found your content interesting enough to click through from the original post’s source. This increased traffic can lead to more sales or leads if they find what they are looking for on your site after clicking through from the original post’s source.

How Can Guest Posting Help Your Website Rank In Search Engines?

When used correctly, guest posting can help improve search engine rankings for your website or blog by increasing its authority in the eyes of Google (and other search engines). Links from reputable websites back to yours tell search engines that your content is valuable and therefore should be ranked higher than similar pages without links from reputable sources pointing back towards it. This improved ranking means that more people will be able to discover your content organically through searches related to the topics discussed in the original post – leading to increased visibility (and potential revenue) for you over time.

Finding Opportunities for Guest Posting

To make sure that you are finding quality opportunities for guest posts, it’s important that you do some research first before submitting any pitches or articles. Look at popular publications in your industry first so that you know which sites have high domain authority (in terms of Google rankings). Make sure that their readership aligns with yours so that you are targeting an audience who will actually be interested in what you have written about – otherwise there won’t be any benefit from having them read it! Additionally, check out forums like Reddit where people share information about potential guest post opportunities and ask questions related to gaining exposure through guest posts as well as reviews on sites like Fiverr which provide feedback on previous experiences with certain websites/blogs offering guest post opportunities – this will help ensure that any pitches/articles sent out are going towards legitimate sources only!

Crafting Quality Content For Guest Posting

Once you have identified potential opportunities for submitting a guest post then it’s time to craft up some quality content! Quality here does not mean long-winded essays filled with fluff but rather well thought out pieces which look at topics in a unique way or provide fresh insights into current trends within the industry – this will make sure that readers are engaged throughout until they reach the end! Additionally make sure that any links provided within the body of text point towards reliable sources -avoid broken links as they will only detract from the overall value of what has been written!

Promoting Your Guest Posts

Once published don’t just leave it there – promoting them is key too! Share them across social media channels such as Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn etc., plus add them into newsletters if appropriate – this will ensure maximum exposure whilst also increasing chances of further engagement too! Reach out directly via email if possible (assuming permission has been given) – this could include sending out personalised messages tailored towards individual contacts – highlighting how their audience may benefit from reading what has been published & how it relates closely with their interests/background knowledge etc.. A final touch would be adding them into press releases & using SEO techniques such as meta descriptions so potential readers stumble across them during searches online!

Identifying And Avoiding Common Pitfalls Of Guest Posting

Avoid falling into common pitfalls when writing & submitting a guest post by firstly researching both publisher & audience beforehand – making sure any ideas pitched fit closely with their interests & values; secondly making sure all facts stated within text are accurate; thirdly double checking all links provided work correctly before submitting; lastly making sure all contact details submitted alongside article are correct too so those interested can get into contact easily enough afterwards should they wish too!.

Measuring The Impact Of Your Guest Posts

Measuring impact is essential when gauging success achieved through guest posts because this enables future decisions regarding strategy & tactics employed during campaigns moving forward! Consider tracking metrics such as CTR’s (click-through rates), page views generated via referral traffic & most importantly conversions achieved via referrals sourced from different platforms used during outreach efforts made – these analytics allow marketers/businesses alike monitor progress made each step along journey taken when implementing campaigns aimed at leveraging maximum ROI achieved!


Guest posting offers many benefits for businesses looking to increase their visibility online while also generating additional revenue over time. By understanding how it works and taking steps such as researching opportunities carefully beforehand plus crafting quality targeted content plus promoting them effectively once published – businesses stand a much better chance at achieving success through using this method successfully long term!. If you want help growing your business using digital marketing strategies such as guest posting then get in touch today with Nomvo team who have extensive experience helping businesses like yours succeed online!



What is Guest Posting?

Answer – Guest posting is when a writer creates content to be posted on another person’s blog. This can be a great way to build your own brand, gain followers, and create backlinks to your own website.

Why is Guest Posting important?

Answer – Guest posting is incredibly important for link building and blogger outreach. It allows you to reach new audiences, establish yourself as an authority in your field, and increase traffic to your own blog or website. Additionally, it can help you connect with other bloggers in your niche and form relationships that could lead to more opportunities down the road.

How do I get started with guest posting?

Answer – The first step in getting started with guest posting is researching and finding blogs that are relevant to your niche or industry. Make sure you read the guidelines for submission carefully before submitting a post so that you know what kind of content the blog is looking for. Once you’ve found some potential blogs for guest blogging, create high quality content that meets their standards and submit it for consideration.

Is there a certain way to write a successful guest post?

Answer – Yes! To write a successful guest post, make sure you understand the goals of the blog you’re writing for and tailor your content accordingly. Include images, videos, logos, icons or wallpapers if appropriate – this will help make your post stand out from the crowd! Additionally, use relevant keywords throughout the article so that it can be easily found by search engines. Finally, make sure any links included in the post are relevant and of good quality – as this will help boost SEO results when people search online.

Do I need to have my own blog to be able to do guest posting?

Answer – No – while having your own blog definitely helps when it comes to doing guest posts (as it gives readers an easy way to find out more about who you are), it’s not essential! You can still submit articles as a guest blogger even if you don’t have one of your own – just make sure any links included in the article point back towards something related (such as social media pages or other work you’ve done).

Does the content of a guest post need to be different from my own blog posts?

Answer – Yes – while some elements may overlap between articles written for both purposes (such as keywords), overall content should differ depending on the goals of each platform. For example; if writing for another blog as a guest contributor then focus on creating engaging content that will appeal to their readership rather than solely promoting yourself or company products/services – this will increase chances of success!

How important is it to research and find the right blogs for my guest posts?
Answer – It’s incredibly important to research and find the right blogs for your guest posts – this can be the difference between success and failure! Make sure you read through the blog’s guidelines, check out their stats (e.g. number of followers/comments) and take a look at other guest bloggers that have been featured in the past. This will give you an indication of whether or not your content will be a good fit for them – if it is then start submitting!

Is there an ideal length for a guest post?
Answer – This really depends on the blog and its readership but in general, aim for around 500-1000 words. If your post is too short, then it may not provide enough information; if it’s too long, then people may lose interest or click away before finishing. Include lots of relevant keywords, actionable advice and interesting examples to keep readers engaged throughout.

Are there any rules I should follow when submitting a guest post?
Answer – Yes – always read through the submission guidelines carefully before sending in a post. Each blog may have different requirements so make sure you meet them all! Additionally, if including links in your article make sure they are relevant and of high quality – this will help boost SEO results when people search online!

Should I include images or videos in my guest post?
Answer – Yes, including visuals such as logos, icons or wallpapers can really help draw attention to your post, so try to include them wherever possible. However, always check with the blog owner first before doing so – some may have specific requirements when it comes to visuals (for example; they may ask that all images used are licensed).

Are there any benefits of doing guest posting on other blogs?
Answer – Absolutely! Not only can it help you increase traffic to your own website by providing backlinks, but it also allows you to connect with other bloggers in your niche and form relationships that could lead to more opportunities down the road. Additionally, featuring yourself as a regular contributor on another blog (via guest posting) can add credibility to your own brand – allowing more people to find out about who you are and what you do!

Is it necessary to link back to my own blog in the body of the article I submit as a guest post?
Answer – It depends on what type of content you’re creating – some blogs may require links back within articles as part of their submission guidelines whereas others may not. If links are requested then make sure they are relevant and high quality – this will help boost SEO results when people search online! However if no links are requested then feel free to add one at the end of your article under ‘Further Reading’ or something similar– just remember not to overdo it as too many external links can look spammy!

What should I do if the blog owner doesn’t respond after submitting my article as a guest post?
Answer – Unfortunately this happens from time-to-time; however don’t be disheartened! Try sending a polite follow up message after waiting an appropriate amount of time (usually one week) asking if they received your submission and whether they need any further information from you. If no response is received after this point then move onto other potential blogging opportunities instead (there are plenty out there!).

Can I submit the same article as a guest post on multiple blogs at once?
Answer – No – while this might seem like an easy way to get more exposure for yourself/company quickly, it won’t work long term due to duplicate content issues with search engines such as Google. Instead focus on creating unique content tailored specifically for each platform you submit too– this will help ensure better results overall!

What are some tips for getting accepted as a regular contributor on another blog via guest posting?
Answer – Firstly make sure you take time researching potential blogs before submitting content; read through their guidelines carefully so that you know exactly what kind of articles they accept and tailor yours accordingly. Secondly build relationships with existing bloggers by commenting on their posts– this will show that you’re genuinely interested in contributing rather than just looking for another place to promote yourself/company products/services quickly! Finally don’t forget about SEO when writing– use relevant keywords throughout each article along with interesting examples where appropriate– this will help attract readers both now and in future too!

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