Why SEO Consultation Services Are Becoming More Popular

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR) Version: In the below article, you’ll learn why more and more businesses are signing up for SEO consulting services. That said, we’ll explain some of the reasons how and why working with a consultant is one of the best things you can do to help your business grow and become more profitable. Once you understand what is possible in this regard, the sky is the limit when it comes to targeting and ranking for the keywords your target audience uses. If you would like to know how the Nomvo team can help you with anything mentioned above or below in this article, please contact us here.

It is an irrefutable fact that SEO consultation services are becoming more popular day by day. But why? The answer lies in the job duties of the consultant. Many of these duties are either ones that individuals don’t know how to perform, don’t have time for or simply don’t want to do.

A vendor that provides SEO consulting services to their client explaining the results.

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Consider a few responsibilities and duties of an SEO consultant, which are invaluable to just about any businesses… even yours!

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What SEO’s Do

1. They keep track of the budget. Of course, consultants would ensure that the budget is not exceeded, but they are also in charge of establishing priorities, so that the most important needs are met first. Any changes to the budget would also need to be documented and agreed upon by the business owner.

This isn’t to say that you should put your budgeting decisions solely in the hands of a search engine optimization consultant, but they should be aware of your budget so they can create, recommend, and possibly implement a strategy that fits within your budgetary limitations.

2. They keep and analyze up-to-date analytics reports. This is something that intimidates a lot of people. Honestly, it can prove to be pretty tedious and time consuming; especially when you are unsure of what you’re looking at and what it means for your business. So to eliminate the hassle of having to do this themselves, many simply hire an SEO consultant.

If you decide to take this step, make sure you have a consultant and expert that will be able to not only understand and make sense of any analytical data being considered… but you should also ensure that they can present it to you in a way that’s mentally digestible. Otherwise you’ll need to have blind trust in whatever they tell you, which isn’t always a bad thing; but at the same time it could be something that you don’t want to leave in the hands of a complete stranger… no matter how much of an “SEO expert” they profess to be.

SEO consultant looking at which strategy will be best for his client

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3. They keep informed on current trends, best practices and Google algorithm updates. It could be even more time consuming to both do SEO and stay up-to-date on these things yourself. But consultants are paid to perform search engine optimization and must keep up on the latest trends, practices, etc. in order to properly perform their jobs and succeed while doing so. So, by hiring one, individuals are able to devote more time to other aspects of their businesses while getting better quality work.

The flip side of that however is… just because there is a Google or search engine update, that does not mean that there are drastic measures that need to be taken to make sure your site and marketing campaign is “compliant”. Something that happens all too often in the digital marketing industry, specifically as it relates to SEO, is that when Google announces an update or people are talking about an obvious change in the SERPs… many people get in the habit of assuming that there must be some sort of action item. Unfortunately, as a result of this common practice… some SEO experts and consultants take this opportunity to charge more or use a scare tactic to get more from their client.

We’ll put up a post in the near future covering when you should or shouldn’t be concerned with one of these types of updates. If you’d like us to take a look at your site and give you our expert perspective… feel free to contact us to learn more about our services.

4. They optimize social media and web pages for humans and for search engines. A good consultant realizes that SEO not only involves making search engines rank a site higher, but it also involves making people happy. After all, the people are the ones who will hopefully convert and become customers and clients. All too often we see SEO strategies put in place that ignore the user, but aggressively focus on ranking higher in the SERPs. The problem with this is that even if you rank on page 1 or even top3 for your target keyword(s), if the user experience on your site is horrible and your CTR in the SERPs is pretty low… the search engines algorithm will not keep your site there; no matter how much effort and resources were used to get you those rankings.

Therefore, a consultant can recommend and implement solutions that will make your site or social media accounts more appealing; both to search engines and the people that will visit them.

The recommendations your SEO consultant provides you is not to make you feel bad, its one of the most important aspects of these services.

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5. They can perform competitive analyses. The fact of the matter is that anyone and everyone’s search competitors are using SEO. So how can one business prove to be just as strong as or stronger than a competitor? A competitive analysis is a great start. It can help to determine the most formidable competition and to develop an effective strategy for success.

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Search Engine Optimization Consulting – Final Words

These are just a few of the many things that SEO consultants are responsible for and capable of; at least they should be when you think about how much they charge for their services. It is no wonder why their services are becoming ever more popular. Among other things, they can save businesses a lot of time, which would otherwise be spent trying to manage the many complex aspects of SEO. This is obviously an important topic to consider due to the fact that for just about every business… time equals money.

Discover of SEO services via a consulting agreement can help your business more profitable.

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The more time spent on other aspects of your company, while search engine optimization campaigns for your online marketing is being cared for by your skilled, professional consultant… the better the ROI for you. Again, if we’ve missed something or you’d like more information on the subject, feel free to let us know. Nomvo!

SEO Consultation Services

… The FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

What should I ask my SEO consultant?

Questions you should ask your SEO consultant before hiring them are as follows:

  • What 3 examples can you provide of RECENT success as a result of your SEO consulting services?
  • How many years of experience do you have providing SEO services?
  • What is your opinion on whether or not content creation has an impact on SEO and traffic to your website?
  • What is your experience with link acquisition and how many years of experience do you have doing it?
  • Do you use black hat tactics for link building?
  • What are the most important best practices as it relates to long term SEO marketing services?
  • Are you more experienced with local SEO or international SEO?
  • Do you get more clients from community events or SEO rankings from your own website?
  • How do you implement on-page optimization for your SEO campaigns?
  • What is your favorite search engine and why?
  • Will I need help from a development team to implement your recommendations?
  • Can you show me an example of 3 recent SEO audits?
  • What kind of content strategy do you recommend?
  • Are your SEO recommendations focused on short term or long term improvements in the search results?

What skills are required for SEO?

The top skills you need to see in a SEO professional you’re hiring are as follows:

  • A proven SEO consulting track record.

    – This is one of the most important aspects of hiring a digital marketing agency or expert. More often than not, we are contacted by business owners that have hired a company or firm that offers SEO consulting services that end up being both a waste of time and money. One of the best ways to prevent that from happening is to only consider working with a marketing agency that has a proven track record of succeeding with SEO using the best practices for this kind of internet marketing. This is why consulting with an expert can help you.

  • Honest communication about your digital marketing campaign.

    – If there were part of more of the online marketing services that many SEO consultants offer, it would positively impact that opinion that people have about the SEO industry as a whole. Far too often the SEO consulting services offered by experts and full service digital marketing companies do not include honest clear communication to their clients. It’s important to ensure ahead of time that whatever internet marketing company you hire will provide you this kind of transparency. This is why we suggest investing in consulting.

  • Experience with content marketing. 

    – SEO services that are coupled with a well thought out and executed content marketing strategy can greatly enhance just about any SEO campaign. When SEO consultants put time and effort into content marketing… during that process they help other areas of SEO such as keyword research, targeting high converting topics, link acquisition, conversion optimization, on-page optimization, social media, and a variety of ways to bring in more traffic to your website on a long term basis. These are just a few of the reasons consulting is getting increasingly popular.

  • Experience with keyword research.

    – One of the reasons most business websites generate little to no traffic is because they don’t start with a good keyword research strategy. Sadly, there are a far too many digital marketing agency services that do not include this important aspect of SEO, and as a result their organic search campaigns start off from day 1 as a probable failure. you would think that a COMPANY with digital marketing experience would know the importance of taking the time needed to research keyword opportunities for their clients to ensure that SEO products the improvement of existing and new keyword rankings; but sadly that is not always the case. If you need help with keyword research and you want to get it done promptly the right way, consulting with an SEO expert might be just what you need.

  • A general understanding of non-SEO related internet marketing.

    – This doesn’t mean that you need to hire a jack of all trades marketing and sales professional, but it’s important to know how SEO decisions impact other areas of online marketing or otherwise. This is one of the things that we wish more internet marketing services companies would pay more attention to, but in reality, they do not. We’re not suggesting that this be a major part of your consulting agreement… but it is important enough to not ignore.

  • SEO strategies that don’t ignore the long term impact of SEO tactics.

– One of the biggest mistakes that even experienced digital marketing professionals make with SEO is that they focus on only the short term benefits of their recommendations. When it comes to creating and executing an internet marketing SEO campaign, whether for local SEO or international SEO, it’s important to take a moment to ensure that decisions today won’t hurt rankings in the search results tomorrow. Overlooking this step could be the one thing that makes a good consulting opportunity go back in the long term.

  • Experience with technical SEO.

– With search engines getting more and more complex, implementing the required technical SEO elements that will help your site rank better is a requirement. To determine which tech aspects to include in your strategy, you’ll want to regularly perform recurring SEO audits for your website. During this kind of audit, it will reveal more than just suggestions for keyword research and content marketing, but SEO recommendations for your website design, content gap analysis vs your competitors (which helps with content creation), link building adjustments of course (both internal and external), schema markup suggestions, hreflang tags recommendations, and a very long list of other technical SEO items you won’t want to ignore.

  • Experience doing SEO audits.

– As mentioned above when speaking of the importance of not ignoring technical SEO audits, doing these and reporting on them regularly greatly contributes to digital marketing campaigns for SEO succeeding. Rather than just focusing on research keyword reports provide, you might need to take a closer look at your website design (which might require a development team), or things about your content strategy that’s actually hurting your website more get revealed. There is an endless number of helpful things that can come from this kind of audit that will result in your ranking better on your search engine of choice; which at this time is Google for most of us.

  • Experience with creating a content strategy based on your available resources.

    – One of the best ways to get organic traffic coming to your site is to make sure you have a plan to produce great content. Because in the real world, your target market/audience doesn’t really care about backlinks, page titles, and header tags. Sadly, these types of “SEO tactics” are highlighted and emphasized as the most important aspect of the SEO package that many full service agencies offer. We understand that by design, many sites where not focused on SEO and content creation during the website development stage. That said, we STRONGLY encourage you to work with your development team/resources to ensure that you can easily produce and generate useful high quality content for your audience and SEO purposes; even if that means you need to consider a new website design.

  • Experience with using social media to help SEO performance & success.

– We’re not suggesting that your digital marketing services need to have a social media expert helping as well. Instead, we just want to highlight that whatever SEO consulting services provide you move forward with, if they’re not aware of how their recommendations impact social media… it could end up hurting you in the long run.

  • An understanding of how and when to use Schema markup.

– If you were to mention schema markup to one of the providers that offer SEO consulting services, you’ll probably scare them away. The reason is that many of these “experts” are more focused on ways to try and make sure you’re ready to sign up to a monthly retainer committing yourself to their services. Rather than focusing on the amazing results they can provide you (and NEVER expect a guarantee on their services), the results they currently provide their clients, showing how improving your websites SEO is good for your business, and going in depth on how much potential there is for growth vs your current SEO presence and approach. Sadly far too many SEOs are focused on trying to improve their business and increase their own brand presence. This is exactly why many business owners come to a site like Nomvo so they can learn SEO to figure out how to execute their own customized SEO strategy. Schema markup is one of those things that are often overlooked in consulting agreements, but it’s your job to make sure it doesn’t.

  • A professional that is more focused on their clients than they are their own marketing services.

– As mentioned above, make sure that you sign up for search engine optimization services with a company or consultant that has your best interest as the priority. That means when you meet to discuss how they can help you, make sure the SEO consulting services include more than just the default line items like off page SEO, recommendations for new keywords to target, content strategy gap analysis, and there “SEO best practices” where the vendor is just going through the motions. Instead, you’ll want to work with someone that can build and deliver specific recommendations for your website and keywords. Based on that, they should be able to define and provide you with the guidance that comes along with a solid SEO strategy. Simply put find someone that is great at SEO consulting, not someone that is great at marketing their skills but are unable to produce results.

  • Someone that doesn’t ignore SEO  best practices.

– Whether you’re investing in SEO consulting services, organic SEO for local businesses, enterprise SEO, or some form of a custom SEO strategy with advanced SEO techniques… keeping in mind best practices is the only way for this kind of campaign to be a success. If you would like to speak to us about an SEO consultancy in this context, feel free to contact us today (just fill out the contact form)… and we’ll send you in the right direction. Whatever the current state of your website’s SEO is, and no matter which of the online industries you’re looking to compete in… all it takes is for one of the few experienced SEOs in the world to review your website and industry, and from there they should be able to guide you on building a campaign that will achieve all of your online business goals.

How do I find good SEO?

Since we want you to find one of the GREAT SEO service providers, we’re going to highlight a number of ways to help you ensure you work with someone that can help your business implement tried and tested SEO techniques:

  1. Only pursue and agree to SEO consulting services when your business is ready to grow. How can you know?

  2. Only hire a SEO consulting vendor that proves RECENT results with the SEO techniques. Why is this important?

  3. Be open to target keywords that you weren’t aware of but are part of your competitors’ successful SEO strategy.  Which competitors?

  4. Don’t confuse organic SEO consulting with social media strategy because the latter will not help your site SEO succeed. Who would do that?

  5. Remember that SEO consultancy service are intended to review your website and provide you with a guide on the specific strategy you might want to use to improve your placement in the search engines.

How do I know my SEO is working?

SEO consulting service providers – Do I need an SEO company?

  • SEO consultants and SEO companies do not generally offer the exact same services, but you have to decide whether or not you want a vendor that uses a hands-on (marketing company) or hands-off (consultant) approach.
  • Make sure you decide to work with an expert that provides internet marketing strategies that are more than just best practices… but are focused on taking advantage of relevant newly discovered SEO and keyword ranking opportunities.

How long does SEO take to work?

This is a great question that you should always ask a company you hire to provide you with SEO consulting services. At the same time, please be prepared to get an answer that doesn’t give you an exact time period. At best, estimating can be made but a specific day and time is nearly impossible since the sites ranking on page 1 of search engines like Google are constantly changing, and so is the algorithm. With that in mind, best just make sure that whatever service you sign up with from a vendor selling you SEO consulting… make sure that your agreement includes regular updates on how things are progressing.

How much does SEO cost per month?

Is SEO an ongoing process?

In years past it was pretty easy to get away from having to pay for SEO services on an on-going basis. In recent years, due to the fact that search engine algorithms change so frequently and an increasing number of businesses and individuals are using SEO as a primary method of generating new business opportunities… it’s best to have some form of SEO consulting services available to you on a recurring basis, at the very least. Otherwise, to invest in search engine optimization services for a limited time with no plan to continue to do so in some capacity, it’s very likely that any “success” you get from this kind of digital and content marketing strategy will only last for a limited period of time… if at all.

Is SEO worth the money?

It depends. If you work with a vendor that does not generally succeed with their SEO strategies, but does very well selling their SEO services… it will likely end up a complete waste of money. On the other hand, if you agree to SEO consulting services with a vendor that currently and recently had success with SEO, they should be able to easily help you create a roadmap and strategy to start getting profits within a reasonable amount of time. From there, as a business, you can then decide if you want to continue you SEO campaign at the same pace or scale things up to create hyper-growth as it relates to organic traffic and profits for your business.

How much should you spend on SEO?

Can you do SEO yourself?

Absolutely. If you’re in a position to do so, the best decision is always going to be to learn SEO for yourself; or hire someone specifically focused on doing just that. However, since search engine optimization is like a moving target… it’s very hard to learn SEO from a course or a book due to the fact that things change so frequently. At best, you’ll need to learn the core principals of how search engines work at this time, and then test test test until you figure out exactly what it takes to rank #1 in your industry for your target keywords. How long that will take, it really depends on too many factors to answer. If you’re not in a position to both learn and test, working with a vendor that provides SEO consulting services is probably a great alternative… if you work with how with a proven track record and recent successes.

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