3 Reasons Affordable SEO Packages Rarely Work Well

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For those of you that regularly visit Nomvo.com, you’re well aware of the fact that we’ve covered this topic before… but we still receive requests to cover this topic, so this time around we’re going to do it in a different way. Instead of talking about the types of digital marketing bundles you should consider using for your website, we’re going to take a few minutes to discuss why commonly offered affordable SEO packages rarely work as intended.

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The fact that we’re going to address this subject again is evidence that far too many SEO vendors are offering this marketing solution to businesses that have no idea of the complications and issues that often come from this type of strategy. Anyway, without further ado…

Here are 3 reasons why affordable SEO packages rarely work as advertised:

1) They Typically Only Work Well In Small, Non-Competitive Regions

As we’ve considered in at least 3 other articles here at Nomvo, if you’re trying to rank your small business in a small town for a keyword like “flower delivery service el cerrito ca,” then yes, this type of strategy might work. On the other hand, for the most part, “cheap” search engine optimization packages being offered by the countless number of vendors spamming email inboxes will probably do more harm than good.

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If you’re in an industry where you find your organic search engine competitors are multi-million dollar companies that are likely investing $10,000s if not $100,000s annually on SEO strategies implemented by a vendor or in-house marketing team, then these packages will be a waste of time AND likely hurt your website. Why do I say that? Keep reading…

2) Most Vendors That Offer Cheap SEO Packages Ignore Quality & Pursue Automation

What enables 9.9/10 of these SEO companies to offer cheap packages like this is that they typically use strategies that are automated and computer generated. Don’t get me wrong… there are some aspects of SEO that are quite tedious and a piece of software can do a much better job at than an actual person ever well. However, when it comes to things like content creation, email outreach, link building, on-page optimization, competitive analysis, etc… at present, there is no software able to replace the human touch.

Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that most search engines have strict spam filters that are triggered when spammy, automatic tactics are implemented on SEO campaigns. What that means is if you decide to work with a vendor that makes the decision to ignore or that has no idea of these spammy practices that go against the terms of service of the search engine you’re targeting, you’ll quickly find out that your website can get penalized and is unable to rank in the organic search results.

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3) Search Engine Optimization Packages Like This Disregard Strategy Creation

One of the #1 things that enables an SEO vendor to ensure that you will receive an RIO and GUARANTEED results from your marketing budget is having a clear strategy in place from day one. To create a strategy that will produce guaranteed success, the SEO professional must perform a review and analysis of your current SEO competitors for your target keywords, comparing your website and search engine presence to theirs, and creating a strategy to be implemented.

When purchasing just about any of the SEO packages being offered these days, it includes a scope of work that has already been built and structured based upon your available budget and the asking price of the digital marketing vendor; completely ignoring the strategy and research just described above. Disregarding the strategy creation process is the quickest way to have very little, if any, success with your digital marketing budget.

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This will probably be one of the last times that I address the use of these sub-par, cookie cutter SEO packages that businesses continue to ask us about; and rightly so. It seems that now more than ever there are “SEO gurus” emailing businesses of all sizes and spending money on advertising this “marketing strategy.” So while I don’t mind answering the question, I hope this topic has been answered in enough ways to help businesses out there not waste their time or money on this marketing tactic as long as this inferior digital marketing tactic continues to be bundled and offered as they have been historically.

In a perfect world, this type of article would move more and more SEO agencies offering this kind of service to provide a better solution to their new and existing customers to help the perception of the SEO industry as a whole be represented in a better light. If there is anything that was missed, that you would like to add, or disagree with… please leave a comment below or email us using the contact page. Nomvo!

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