Do Monthly SEO Packages Really Help With SEO Success?

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With on-going SEO services being the norm for this aspect of digital marketing, this is a good question that all business owners thinking about this type of marketing should consider. The one thing we will say about monthly SEO packages is that it’s important to make sure that you’re investing in services that will add value to your overall business and revenue goals. Are you trying to increase your brand visibility? Is your aim to increase your organic traffic? Do you want to make sure your website is ranking on page 1 for important keywords searched for on your target search engine alongside your competitors? Would you like to have all of the above?


Having a clear sense of those things will help both you and the SEO agency you decide to work with get a clear understanding of the type of monthly SEO solution you should be investing in. With that said…

How do you know which monthly SEO packages will really help you reach your goals? Consider 4 ways:

1) The Strategy Should Be Based On Your Industry, Budget & Website

One of the reasons that I personally never recommend a business invest in an SEO package is that the word “package” gives me the impression that the scope of work and strategy has already been determined based on the cost and the types of services the vendor regularly offers.


This is a mistake since both the available budget and services the vendor offers have nothing to do with or any impact on making sure your website outranks your competitors and succeeds from an SEO perspective. Yes, those things are important but more important than both of those are:

Your Industry: If you’re in an industry where informational and technical articles are what rank well in the organic search engine listings, then you need to have an SEO strategy that includes making sure that’s the type of content you’re putting online. Or if you’re in an industry where the products you offer are closely and competitively priced with other companies, you’ll want to make sure that when people visit your site and see your prices, they want to stay and don’t immediately leave (known as your bounce rate) as a result of a shocking sale price. Or maybe there are other common factors that the most successful organic search engine competitors of your have that you’ll need to implement. Whatever the case, your SEO vendor and the bundle of services you purchase from them has to be with what’s been mentioned above in mind.

Your Available Budget: At the end of the day, search engine optimization is an investment, and you have to be willing to pay someone to make it worth their time to do what’s necessary for you to succeed with it. I understand that SEO is not cheap, nor is having your brand and business in a physical location that is in a high traffic area where you target audience regularly shops and does business. Digitally speaking, SEO is the same thing; it’s digital real estate… so making sure consumers can find you easily when they are ready for your products and/or services isn’t cheap, and that’s understandable and reasonable.

Your Website: Unfortunately, some businesses have a website that just isn’t ready for an on-going SEO package since they have technical issues that might need to be fixed, or there is no way to create new pages or add content or some other limiting factor that would make succeeding with SEO difficult or impossible.

Of course, there are other things to consider, but these are 3 of the most important aspects that MUST be taking into consideration before investing in a monthly SEO package.

2) The Scope Of Work Should Include SEO Recommendations


Far too many of the SEO packages being offered today simply include SEO tasks that are “supposed” to help a website rank better, but they don’t take into consideration any on-page or website adjustments that are needed.

The issue with this type of package is that it allows the vendor to do work just to say that they’ve done work, and will proceed with billing you for it. Instead, make sure that you receive on-going recommendations and improvements to help your website rank better in your search engine of choice.

3) You Have To Be Able To Invest In The SEO Service Long Enough For Results To Come In


That doesn’t mean that you have to blindly invest in SEO services for 3, 6 or even 12 months with no positive improvements, but you can’t expect to buy an SEO package that will produce results in 1-2 months… most of the time.

Some companies have a large enough budget that will allow them to see results and improvements within a matter of weeks, but that all depends on your budget and how competitive your industry is for the keywords you’re targeting. Whatever the case, if you’re in a position where you have a set budget to invest in a monthly SEO campaign, it’s important to explain that to the SEO vendor so they can set the expectations on how long it might take them to produce positive results with your available budget; if at all.

As already mentioned above, I rarely recommend that any business owner invests in an on-going SEO package mainly because much of what’s been said above is not taken into consideration. However, for those of you that have found an SEO vendor that meets the criteria above and looks promising, then it might be a good idea to give it a try.

At the end of the day, I’m always going to lean on the side of doing what it takes to succeed with SEO, but at the same time I’ll never suggest someone waste their money on services and tactics that will produce no positive results; let alone possibly result in search engine penalties, but that’s another story for another day.

If you think you’ve found a vendor or service that includes SEO packages that don’t ignore what’s been mentioned above and you’d like another set of eyes… feel free to reach out to us and let us know, and we’d love to be of assistance. Until then… Nomvo!


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  1. Thanks for the tips! I’ve also been thinking about availing such packages but I’ve always been doubtful as well if they are really worth the investment. Have you tried one? How did it go?

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