6 Reasons White Hat SEO Services Always Produce Results

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Source: dominatethegmat.com

Source: dominatethegmat.com

There is nothing like dismissing the skepticism that often comes with investing in a digital marketing campaign; but it’s possible when the right strategy is used. When business owners find a marketing agency or has an in house expert directing a successful SEO campaign, they often look for ways to scale up their marketing efforts to see further growth and profits for the business. Below we’ll highlight 6 reasons why in almost every case, white hat SEO services provide positive results.

Source: smallbiztrends.com

Source: smallbiztrends.com

Reason #1: Just about all forms of SEO Works… White, Grey & Black Hat

It doesn’t matter which “hat” you’d like to wear when it comes to implementing an SEO campaign, businesses succeed with all of them. Although we suggest a strategy that focuses on the long term benefits and not doing anything against the Google TOS… Grey Hat and Black Hat SEO tactics always have and probably always will be able to produce positive results; yet they are often times short lived and short sighted. The point you should take away is that all forms of SEO can produce positive results… even the kind that is “not recommended”. If you take offense to our stance of White Hat > Grey/Black Hat SEO… it’s just because we’re concerned about your long term success, not quick wins.

Reason #2: White Hat SEO is penalty proof

Source: dkddesignstudios.com

Source: dkddesignstudios.com

Anyone implementing a white hat SEO strategy closely follows the recommendations and warnings provided by Google, or whatever search engine they’re trying to rank on. As a result of doing so, while the results might not happen as fast as non-white hat tactics, there is no penalty that the search engine will put in place for the foreseeable future that would negatively impact that strategy. The “updates” and penalties that search engines like Google release are largely focused on trying to improve the quality of the search results they show. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to get rid of, or penalize, the websites trying to “game” the search engine algorithm to get better rankings.

Reason #3: White Hat SEO services provide continual growth organically

It goes without saying that any well planned and executed SEO service should continually increase the number of organic visitors going to a website. The only exceptions are when a website basically ranks #1 for every related keyword already (extremely rare) OR when the website is in an extremely competitive industry. Even in the case of being in an industry that is very competitive, most of those industries literally have 1,000s of keywords to possibly target and in nearly 14 years of working in the digital marketing space… we’ve never seen 1 website or competitor that dominates an entire industry; although Wikipedia and Amazon are doing their best at accomplishing this. Even those examples prove the aforementioned statement as being true.

For example. If you’re in the electronics industry, let’s say… cell phones. While Amazon.com pretty much ranks on page 1 of Google for seemingly every type of cell phone, if you take a closer look at each of the micro-niches for each type of phone you’ll notice that there is plenty of room for a website to take a piece of the organic traffic online because Amazon.com does not rank for most of the keyword phrases for specific phones. Could that change one day? Sure! But at this time the doors are still wide open to compete with a industry leader like Amazon.

Reason #4: SEO services that use white hat strategies are based on proven tactics, not short sighted tricks

Source: mariereynoldslondon.com

Source: mariereynoldslondon.com

I guess we could stop with just that statement alone, but we’ll elaborate some for those who have no idea what we mean. With both grey and black hat tactics, most of the time they are focused on trying to build a strategy around the loop holes that have been discovered to rank faster or with less time, effort and resources. For many businesses it might seem like this is the best strategy to implement, but it’s extremely short sighted due to the fact that most businesses cannot afford to simply choose a new domain name to rank in the search engines WHEN, not IF, they get caught and therefore penalized by a search engine update. Additionally, for those who’s domain name is closely associated with their business name… it could end up costing $10,000s and months to get an SEO expert to get a penalty removed. So, if you’re trying to decide which type of strategy you want for your SEO campaign… avoid tricks and loopholes.

Reason #5: Long term engagement is generated

It goes without saying but ranking in the SERPs for an extended period of time, year after year, does wonders for a brand. When there is a SEO strategy that results in the page 1 rankings of a business to stay there, for a large percent of their target audience if they rank #4 and not #1… a larger percentage of repeat searchers will choose the brand/website that are more familiar with although not in the #1 spot. So if you provide a service, information, or a product… we’re creatures of habit and familiarity goes a long way. Think of something as simple as your favorite food. There is probably not just 1 person or restaurant that can make it, however most of us can think of the favorite person or location that offers it the way we like it and when given the opportunity, we’ll choose the one we’re most familiar with. By having consistency with a digital marketing campaign in that way, it creates long term engagement that almost all grey/black hat SEO campaigns cannot produce.

Reason #6: White Hat SEO services produce increased traffic and rankings for keywords you’re not even directly targeting

Most people don’t realize this fact, but more 70-90% of all keywords phrases are long-winded, or better known as longtail, and/or obscure. What that means is when your SEO campaign is tracking and targeting a certain set of keywords, each of which have their own average monthly search volume… as the campaign strategy is implemented, your website will begin to rank for search terms you’re unaware of. This isn’t the case for most grey/black hat strategies because they are typically very specific to a certain set of keywords.


The purpose of this article was not the compare white hat SEO vs other types of SEO strategies, but we can’t help but highlight it’s benefits or reasons why 100% of the time white hat SEO services produce positive results; and there are definitely more than 6. When that happens, the skepticism to invest in this type of digital marketing goes out the window; and you can be one of the few businesses who consistently has their brand and website in front of the people looking for exactly what you have to offer. Nomvo!

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