Know Why SEO For Dentist Offices Guarantees Success?

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Whether it’s in the dental industry, or otherwise, we find more and more business are wanting to invest in SEO services that come with a guarantee of success. In the case of dental offices, there is no reason that an SEO vendor shouldn’t be able to provide you with the digital marketing services you need, with guaranteed results; within a reasonable amount of time of course. Why do we say that?



There are a lot of reasons dentists are loving the ROI they get as a result of investing in search engine optimization services. It could be due to the fact that no other form of marketing for their dental practice ensures that they get increased revenues and business opportunities. It could be that most SEO for dentist strategies are usually hands off, from the perspective of the dentist. Or it could be that in most regions, very few dentists find that their largest competitors in their geographic area have not yet invested in and implemented this type of digital marketing strategy.

Whatever the reasons are that more and more dentists are looking into this form of marketing for their businesses, from a digital marketers point of view… there’s no question that this type of online marketing will produce guaranteed results.

Sure, many digital marketers, specifically those on the SEO side of things, are hesitant to say that the services they provide will lead to guaranteed success. However, the fact of the matter is that anytime resources are made available for an SEO strategy that is well researched and implemented… guarantees should be part of the whole equation. So in the case of dental SEO, why should business owners that invest in this form of marketing expect guaranteed success?

1) SEO For Dentists Is Not THAT Competitive… Yet

For the most part, no matter what city or region you’re trying to get new patients in… targeting the organic traffic and keywords associated with the dental services and products you offer will not be a huge feat. In fact, if you remove the top10 or top20 cities in the USA for example… and search for these services based on a particular region, you might be shocked to find how “easy” it would be to create and implement an SEO strategy to rank at the top of the search engines for those terms.



Let’s take for example a dental related keyword that would be used in the 7th largest city in the USA; San Antonio, TX. If you do a search for a keyword like “orthodontist san antonio”, from the perspective of someone relatively familiar with SEO tactics, they will notice that 5-7 of the websites ranking on page 1 of Google don’t even have 10 backlinks pointed to the ranking page. Of course, SEO is more than just backlinks, but with a bit of relevant content and 15 relevant backlinks to a dental website for an office in the San Antonio area… ranking on page 1 of Google wouldn’t be difficult. This is something that even a beginner digital marketer could accomplish.

From a competitive advantage perspective, in 30-60 an expert SEO vendor could get a website ranking one page one for that keyword phrase that gets anywhere from 500-1,000 searches each month. There are currently more than 30 other dental related keywords associated with the city of San Antonio that are even easier to rank for than this example.

The point is this, in almost all cities… getting the website of a dental office to rank within a few months, and in some cases a few weeks… it’s not a difficult thing to do; even in the case of targeting a city like San Antonio, TX that has an estimated population of 1.4 million people as of 2015.

2) Depending On Your Target Region, There Is Very Little To No Competition From An SEO Standpoint

We’ve already provided an example above of how easy it would be to rank in a highly populated city like San Antonio, TX… but how about the smaller cities that don’t have as many dental offices or people looking for these services? Let’s look at another town in Texas, San Angelo. There is a reported population of about 100,000 people, with anywhere from 70-100 searches per month for the keyword “san angelo dentist”.



Looking at the competition of websites ranking on page one of Google, LOL, the top ranking site has less than 5 quality backlinks pointing to the ranking page, and more than 5 of the other sites ranking on page one of Google have ZERO backlinks. As mentioned, there is no competition… so for an SEO claiming to have the skills and expertise needed to provide SEO services should have no problem offering guarantees for the services they’re selling; especially in the dental industry.

3) Expert SEOs Can Create A Guaranteed SEO Strategy Based On Your Unique Circumstances

We’ve spent a bit of time talking about how “easy” it would be for an SEO with any measure of experience to rank for keywords that would be targetted for an SEO for dentist marketing campaign, however, the client also plays a big part in the success of such a strategy. At the end of the day it’s going to come down to the available budget and flexibility the dentist is willing to show when it comes to optimizing and promoting their website from an SEO standpoint.

In most cases, an SEO campaign will require creating new content to be published on the dental office website. Additionally, it’s important that the site is easy to use, loads correctly on a computer or mobile device, and it should provide accurate information about the dentist and other dental professionals at the office.

With these taken care of and in place, there is no reason that a dentist shouldn’t expect to see a measurable ROI on their marketing budget for SEO. How much should a dentist expect to pay for SEO services? That greatly depends on the strategy that needs to be implemented for your particular website and region that you’re targeting.



In most cases, an SEO strategy in this industry typically ranges anywhere from $1,000 – $4,000 per month; but of courses there are exceptions. For some of you, that amount might seem like a lot, but if in a matter of 2-4 months you’re finding that you have double, triple, or even quadruple a number of clients you currently possess… would that result in the investment in this form of marketing providing an ROI for you?

If you need assistance in trying to find out how much you should invest in these digital marketing services, or how to choose an SEO vendor to help you with this, feel free to contact us. We would love to send you in the right direction; that is a path that ensures you get guaranteed success from SEO services for dentists. Nomvo!

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