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There are a number of different opinions on whether or not backlinks are dead or if backlinks are still really as impactful as they used to be in when it comes to SEO and ranking in your search engine of choice. At the end of the day, there will probably always be doubters and skeptics when it comes to the impact and value of a backlink. Not only have the Google and digital marketing thought leaders confirmed that backlinks have a strong impact on ranking in the search engines, but if you just look at metrics for the highest ranking websites in just about any industry… it will be quite obvious that backlinks play an important role in organic rankings.



What we’ve seen historically is that the number of different domains linking to a website, how closely related or relevant the linking site is, and how strong of a backlink profile the linking site has greatly impacts how powerful a backlink is; obviously there are other link metrics to consider when understanding the value of a link but we’ll talk about that in another article. With that said, what does it take to find backlinks that are both safe and attainable; and better yet, how does an individual go about buying these types of links?

How Do You Find The Quality Backlinks Service Your Need?



1) Do a Google Search For Backlink Services:

This is probably the best way of trying to find the search engine friendly links that you need to increase the number of target keywords you have ranking on page 1 of your favorite search engine. However, if you’re already ranking on page 1 for your target keyword term(s), then these types of links will be what you need to start ranking in the top spots on page 1.

But why do we say this is probably the best way to get quality links. The reason is, if you do a search for “link building services” for example… the vendors that are ranking on page 1 of the search engine you used probably know a thing or two about links since links would obviously be needed to rank for this type of term. Of course, just because a site is ranking doesn’t mean it’s a company you should automatically do business with… but it’s a great first step to find a company to provide the link building services you’re looking for.



2) Ask Colleagues Or In Forums For SEO Link Experts:

If you know other companies or individuals that have worked with link builders in the past, they may be able to help you find the right solution for your link building campaign that matches your needs, goals, and budget. On the other hand, these same colleagues can possibly warn you about companies or individuals they may have worked with in the past and had a bad experience with.

If you don’t know of anyone you can ask, you can simply go to a public forum or turn to social media and ask the question in an area of the site that is specifically focused on digital marketing or SEO. From there you’ll get plenty of responses from people that have varied opinions about the services and solutions that you can choose from. Again, you might get a number of people that tell you experiences about certain companies you might want to stay away from; this too can prove to be very valuable.

One of the other benefits of having this discussion openly on forums or other platforms is that you might find a company or individual that reaches out to you to offer the exact solution you’re looking for.

3) Hire a Freelance Link Builder:

Again, doing a simple search for “expert link builder” can prove to be a powerful, yet simple way of finding the solution need for link acquisition. Additionally, you can put up a job posting on one of the well known freelance websites where any interested vendor has to put in a bid for the description you provided regarding the link building campaign you’d like to see put in place. Another benefit of doing this is that anyone that bids will usually have a rating that they’ve received by doing similar jobs for other people in the past.



Also, as mentioned in the 2nd item above… you can find digital marketing forums where both vendors can create a thread notifying everyone of their link building services OR you could create a thread in a “services wanted” area of the forum as well.

4) Find Your Competitor Backlinks and Offer A Fee For a Link:

If you have a bit of experience doing off-page research, you’re probably aware of the fact that you can use a variety of tools to find out the backlinks that your top ranking competitors have. Tools like SEO Spyglass, ahrefs, Moz Open Site Explorer, MajesticSEO, etc are all good sources to find the backlinks your competitors have.

With that data, you can literally go through each link and determine if that’s a site you want a link from. This might sound like a tedious task, but the other option is to have someone else on your team do it or hire a virtual assistant to do it for you. From there you can gather the contact information for all of the site’s your interested in, so you can reach out to them and ask what it would take to get a link for your website from theirs.

5) Should You Buy PBN Domains For Sale or Consider Setting One Up?

If you’re wondering what a PBN (Private Blog Network), it’s basically a group (or network) of websites that you own and control. It’s a link building tactic that has become increasingly popular among digital marketers in recent years. Basically the idea is to put up content on a group of expired domains, often times domain names that have decent/good backlinks, to create links for their target website.



So the question still remains, whether or not you should you buy and/or use these types of links. This is a question that you should answer for yourself since you have to live with the consequences of making this decision; “good” or “bad”. When it comes to ranking in Google for example, building and using PBN links is almost always against their terms of service and can result in stubborn and hard to get rid of penalties. There are times where specific domain names never recover from those penalties, so it forces the website owner to rebrand and/or pick a new domain name.

However, there are many people that claim PBN’s have made all the difference in their SEO and rankings in search engines like Google. We have seen real life examples of that being the case, but again… since it’s against Google’s TOS, it’s something that could end up hurting those websites in the long run… so choose wisely.

With that said… here’s what you need to know about backlinks for sale…

There are obviously a number of ways you can find a quality backlink service for your particular digital marketing needs, only 4 of them were listed above. At the end of the day you have to find the right vendor, have a specified budget, and think about both your long term and short term goals when it comes to how your search engine of choice will respond to any new backlinks you’re website gets over time.

Whatever you decide to do, our only suggestion is this, don’t allow the skepticism and frustration that so many people have about link building lead you to believe that it’s not an important part of a digital marketing campaign. If you have any questions about what was mentioned above, as always… let us know. Nomvo!

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