Does Affordable Internet Marketing Actually Work?

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One of the obvious things associated with both running and trying to grow a business is the fact that there is a multitude of expenses associated with it. One of the costs that some business owners struggle with giving priority to is that of marketing, and as a result, it can be increasingly difficult to prioritize internet marketing specifically. This could be the reason why we get many requests from business owners regarding ways they can implement an affordable internet marketing strategy; hoping to “test the waters” before making a significant investment. That’s a fair request since it’s important to be confident that something works before investing in it, right?



As with most forms of marketing, internet marketing is not typically described as being “cheap” or “affordable”… but are there ways to be able to implement an online marketing campaign that could be focused on the business spending as little money as possible? Are there ways to compete in competitive markets online, with a strict budget while some of the largest companies use more aggressive and well-funded marketing campaigns? These questions are both fair and fitting for the business owner trying to see if this type of marketing works for their business, and we have a few reminders that might help.

1) Remember that AFFORDABLE Internet Marketing Campaigns Are Going To Require Time From The Business Itself

Why is this the case? Simply put, one of the things that make internet marketing seem expensive is typically based on the amount of time that the vendor has to spend strategizing, implementing, reporting, and communicating with their clients. That is why some of the most expensive marketing services usually require teams of people to do the work since time is the most valuable thing. Sure some tools can help speed up and automate some aspects of a marketing campaign, but when it comes to internet marketing… automation can do much more harm than good.

With that said, a business owner that is looking to invest in a cheap internet marketing service should expect to either spend a good amount of time working with the vendor OR be content with inferior marketing tactics that involve automation and very little time invested by the vendor. Why? Because the vendor needs to stay in business as well, and prioritize their other clients and offered services that might prove to be more lucrative for them.



2) Use Available Budget To Get EXPERT Advice & Consultations

For companies with a limited budget for their marketing campaign, we always suggest that they consider spending their budget on getting an expert internet marketing strategist to research and create a marketing plan that will keep the on-going budget in mind. What that does is allows a business to have an expert recommend which marketing tactics would be most impactful for the business based on the budget they have available. It’s always better to do that rather than hiring a vendor who fits the price range of the business owner… yet their marketing strategies would likely not be nearly as impactful as one coming from an expert.

3) As Your Online Revenue Stream Increases, Seriously Consider Increasing Your Marketing Budget; By Reinvesting

One of the benefits of starting with a smaller budget that is used for tactics that have been recommended by an expert is that with time the business will begin to see progress and new business opportunities as a result of implementing the strategy. As this takes place, and it results in additional profits for the business… it would help to emulate some of the fastest growing and most successful companies that typically take some of or all of that new revenue, and use it to ramp up their existing marketing strategy.

This is what allows a company to grow and scale up at a rapid pace, despite the fact that they started out only looking for affordable internet marketing services.



There Is A Way To Succeed With Internet Marketing On A Budget…

But you have to understand that sacrifices will have to be made; which for the most part has to do with the business making themselves available to be actively involved with the marketing campaign. The other import piece is being willing making a reasonable investment up front hiring an expert digital marketer to do the research needed to create the best strategy possible for the available budget.

If you’re wondering how you can find this type of expert help or wondering how much of an investment you should expect to make initially and month to month, feel free to let us know, and we can take a look at your business and competitor’s to make a recommendation. Simply use the contact us page. Nomvo!

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