4 Epic National SEO Packages Tips No One Told You

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With so many marketing agencies advertising the services they offer to help businesses that are looking to reach a larger audience in a variety of geographic locations, it would seem like investing in a marketing tactic like national SEO packages is the best course of action. For some businesses that might be the case, but for others… there might be a better way to reach their goals and priorities.

Source: media.philstar.com

Source: media.philstar.com

That being the case, we’re going to focus on providing a few tips that will help a business that is considering this type of marketing campaign. Yes there are a lot of different vendors and services to choose from, and the pricing being offered can range from $199 per month to more than $6,000 per month. How do you know which vendor to work with, and which regional SEO package to choose… if any? Here are a few timely reminders to help you decide:

1) All National SEO Services & Packages Available Are Not Useful… Some Are Even Dangerous

At the end of the day, we have to remember that just about anyone can put a website online and build out an offering that has a description of the available services as well as a price tag. What that means is that just because someone knows how to do those things, package them up on a webpage and sell them online… that doesn’t mean that those services would be useful to your digital marketing campaign. In all honesty, a good amount of the websites that offer these types of marketing packages, specifically the ones that try to tell you which package without even knowing your website address, industry, and competitors… those are the ones that can cause quite a bit of damage to a website’s presence online.

Source: champion-america.com

Source: champion-america.com


Without going into too much detail, there are marketing tactics that many searches engines recommend people avoid, and when thse recommendations are ignored… it can result in the loss of search engine rankings for a website, and the possibility of having a website removed from their SERPs (search engine result pages) altogether.

That doesn’t mean that a business owner needs to be worried about working with an SEO expert for this aspect of their digital marketing, but they should be worried about buying a service that could hurt their business in the long run.

Are there SEO service companies out there that provide national packages that actually work well and help companies reach their target audience in numerous regions?

Absolutely. It just comes down to choosing the right ones. How can you identify those vendors? Keep reading…

2) Understand What National SEO Package You Need For Your Unique Website, Business & Goals

Unfortunately… some companies spend quite a bit of time trying to figure out which company they should hire to take care of their SEO strategy and implementation of that strategy without even considering what it is they need to improve their presence in the organic rankings using SEO.

Source: geographypostgrads.com

Source: geographypostgrads.com

We’re not saying that spending time trying to find a company that is best suited for you is a bad idea… it’s actually a great idea. However, keep in mind that the first step in trying to choose which package you should buy for your national SEO campaign should be understanding what your needs are, NOT what types of services you can buy.

The benefit of taking this step is that once you’ve identified what it is that will make you rank better in the search engines for the keyword themes that you’re targeting… it will be much easier to quickly identify the companies that offer those exact SEO tactics that you’ll need. For those of you out there that don’t know what you need, the best way to find out is to work with an SEO consultant or expert. Yes… it’s an added expense but is a full proof way to make sure that your SEO campaign will be a success.

You could ask the vendor offering the SEO packages, but just make sure whatever recommendations they provide are solidly based on your specific website, your goals, and the keywords and regions you’re trying to pursue. Avoid the mistake of believing that their packages work for any website in any industry. If you’d like us to perform that analysis for you, and/or provide recommendations of national marketing services that would help your website… we’d love to do so, just contact us.

3) When It Comes To Buying Monthly SEO Packages, Cost DOES NOT = Value

One of the most common questions we get from companies looking into SEO packages prices is how valuable a certain package is… based on the price.

Source: ssentialsoundsdj.com

Source: ssentialsoundsdj.com

If it’s priced really low, does that mean that the package is being offered at a great deal?


Or… if a package is on the more expensive side, does that mean the results will be better and the ROI will be higher?

Definitely Not!

The most valuable regional SEO strategy is going to be entirely based off of what we’ve mentioned already twice in this article, and numerous times elsewhere on Nomvo… it comes down to your:

Source: cdn2.business2community.com

Source: cdn2.business2community.com

Your Website = Meaning all of the ranking factors that search engines look at to determine where/how website ranks organically. That list of ranking factors is pretty long but some of the most impactful are your backlinks, your content, your site age, your social media presence, your user experience, your mobile friendliness, and your relevancy to the target keywords you’ve identified.

Your Keywords = Meaning how competitive it is to rank for the keywords. If you look at a term like “San Francisco hotels”. All 10 of the websites organically ranking on page one of Google are companies that do millions of dollars per year in revenue, which means their marketing budget is going to likely be much higher than a privately owned hotel on the outskirts of San Francisco. However, if you’re targeting a term like “san francisco walking tours”… you’ll notice much smaller privately owned businesses are ranking on page one of Google for that and other related terns.

Your Competitors = The previous point about looking at competitors ranking well kind of addresses this, but it’s also important to find the companies that consistently rank on page 1 of your target search engine for 10-20 of your preferred keywords. If you can only find sites that are making millions or billions of dollar annually, you’ll need to determine if you have the budget and interest to compete with companies of that size; maybe you’re company is equally as large.

However, if you’re not prepared to do so… we again recommend you work with an SEO expert that can identify keywords themes in your industry that are less competitive and might not need the type of resources that a keyword like “san francisco hotels” would. Make sense?

4) Any Business That Is Able To Invest In SEO Services In Multiple Regions Will Experience Massive Success

Source: creditassist.co.uk

Source: creditassist.co.uk

We can say this confidently and without question due to the fact that we’ve experienced it multiple times over the years, we’ve helped 100s of websites succeed and grow with SEO, and we know SEO still works well due to the fact that there are still organic rankings online that change dynamically as a result of SEO campaigns in 100,000s of industries.

Bonus Tip: Consider Not Just Investing In An Affordable SEO Package, But Also Invest In Competitive Analysis

Why do we suggest this? The short answer is that your competitor’s success is what will most accurately show you exactly what’s needed to rank well in your industry for your desired keywords. In addition to that, there is no limit to the number of competitors that you can analyze. It’s not like you can only look into the SEO strategy for just the #1 or the #3 ranking site… you could literally do the top10, top20, or top100 sites if you wanted.

Source: taylordigital-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com

Source: taylordigital-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com

The point is, if you identify what’s already working well in your industry… can you imagine how much easier it would be to identify the SEO vendor that has the national SEO packages that you should consider investing in?

So all things being considered…

More important than us suggesting you choose 1 marketing package over another is our suggestion that you take these tips seriously. A regional SEO strategy is usually a great idea for any business looking to grow and increase their revenue. Digital marketing is becoming more and more important day by day, and it’s not something that has to be extremely difficult. Whether that means there is someone in-house on your team that can look into the things above, or you work with a consultant, or you reach out to us for assistance… just know that it can be a success.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that you can succeed with this form of marketing; despite the fact that there are a lot of options to choose from… which can be confusing. We hope some of the tips above helps point you in the right direction. Nomvo!


  1. As mentioned, duplicate content can make the battle for rankings even tougher, and your technical SEO setup could be leading to more issues here.

    If you currently use boilerplate content, try to minimalize it. Google favour pages that stand out, so if you have, for example, multiple pages for the same product in various colours, with almost identical primary content, Google can filter to ignore or even penalise these.

    Having multiple pages with similar content can cause confusion for Google when deciding which page you want to rank for, in turn diluting your chances of ranking.

    Print-only versions of pages can also cause issues if they end up displaying in Google instead of your web page, so look out for this. Badly implemented mobile sites can cause duplication too.

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