How Affordable Local SEO Services Create A Great ROI

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What does it mean when something is considered “affordable”? There are a lot of ways to answer that question, but one of the obvious answers is when something is desirable, due to it’s perceived value, and is within the price range of the person making the purchase. How about something that is considered cheap? For some that means when something might be priced at an amount that is lower than expected, and it can also mean that it’s not necessarily valuable and many times inferior to other similar products.



Now that we’re done with our English lesson, LOL, it’s time to focus on how a company can see a great ROI from investing in affordable local SEO services. There are a lot of reasons why we make that claim, but we’ll just focus on a few of the most common reasons why different businesses have had such an outcome when investing in this type of digital marketing strategy.

1) SEO Services That Are Affordable & Are Provided By Local Companies Can Be Very Valuable

One of the reasons so many companies are getting such great value by working with local SEO vendors is that when a business and marketing vendor are in the same general region, often times their business relationship is better established due to them being able to strategize in person; as needed.



That’s not to say that the digital marketing companies in your region are better suited to provide SEO services better than companies that are not, but IF there are experts in your area… there are benefits to working with them. Additionally, not all SEO vendors that are local would even be open to meeting and working in person, but for the ones that are… there are a variety of benefits in doing so.

Finally, when there is a local SEO service provider in your area, they are likely going to be familiar with your target customer in that geographic area; especially if your SEO campaign is targeting on a particular region.

Again, we’re not saying that all marketing agencies in your area good for you to work with; quite frankly we’ve seen many instances where local SEO companies in a certain area offer services and strategies we’ve recommended businesses in that area stay away from.

2) Understand How Affordable Local SEO Services Produce Value

When you have a SEO service provider that is interested in and clearly understand what your goals and needs are as a business, that puts them in a great position to put together an SEO strategy that will ensure you have the type of success your expecting. Again, being able to have the back and forth conversations and meetings that will keep both your in-house team and the SEO vendor on the same page is going to only produce a working relationship that keeps everyone happy.



3) Find An Affordable SEO Service Provider Within Your Budget With Your Goals In Mind

We’ve both heard and seen far too many times that a company contacts a SEO service provider to inquire about the two companies working together, and before the business owner can finish expressing what they’re hoping to accomplish with a digital marketing campaign… the vendor tells them that they can only work businesses able to spend X amount of dollars on their SEO budget. That’s not to say that those vendors are wrong for setting a budget that they’d be willing to work with, since at the end of the day they deserve to right to set their price points where they need to in order to stay in business and be profitable.

However, we always like to remind business owners that in a case like that… they should seriously consider moving onto the next local SEO agency that can at least first get a sense of the goals of the business. From there, the agency can still have the minimum pricing requirements, but they can at least make the case as to why and how their services are both valuable and affordable in the long run. Highlighting that although an SEO campaign might cost more than the amount the business owner had in mind, BUT within a reasonable period time of the implementation of the SEO strategy being put in place will not only cover the experience of the services being rendered, but the ROI for the business owner will be worth every penny spent.



Here Is The Point….

We all know what it feels like to buy something that is affordable in that it is valuable to us, and it’s priced in a way that allows us to acquire it. SEO services are no different, and there is added value when there is a vendor available that is both local and interested in the needs of the businesses they choose to work with.

Is there a difference between cheap and affordable SEO services? Absolutely. It’s basically up to each business to decide which type of investment they’re going to make, and be willing to live with the results produced by the decision made; good or bad. Do you need help determining if you should work with a particular local SEO services company in your region? Feel free to contact us, and we’d love to share a few additional thoughts specific to your business and website. Nomvo!


  1. In these days SEO is becoming so complex and it take lot of time and money as well. I am really happy to see any body write on affordable SEO . The goal of SEO must be meet in affordable budget then It will really great for me and every one .

    1. Author

      Hey Sadra,

      I appreciate your support and kind remarks.

      Like you said, it’s important to not just be focused on how much money can be made for providing these types of services, instead trying to add value to business owners is much more rewarding.

  2. Seo takes time but its give you the organic traffic which is the most important thing for your site.

    John Thomas
    SEO Services – Expert

  3. #3 is really important to consider because some SEOs are focused on the money and not on the person they are helping. Be sure that the SEO completely understands your goals and objectives before they charge you and make a plan for you. Thanks for sharing!

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