Do SEO Packages For Small Business Owners Really Work?

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Small business owners have to wear a lot of hats, and often times they are not in a position to spend large amounts of their profits on things like marketing services or even having an in-house marketing team. As a result, while many of them that are recognize the importance of digital marketing they are looking for ways to have a competitive advantage in their specific industry and region. With that being the case, when it comes to SEO… should they consider buying SEO packages for small business owners or should they take the more expensive route of having a full-on SEO campaign?



From the perspective of a small business owner, the obvious decision might appear to be that they should do whatever is cheaper but will produce some type of positive results. While it is true that SEO packages are often a much cheaper and readily available option, when it comes to trying to improve organic traffic and rankings in the search engines, this type of digital marketing tactic is not necessarily the best or safest way to accomplish that goal.

Yes, there is a way to know ahead of time whether or not a specific SEO bundle will actually help a website rank better and bring in new business opportunities from the search engines. On the other hand, a common mistake we see being made is that a business owner might decide to invest in SEO packages just because they are a “cheaper” form of search engine optimization. What some of these businesses fail to realize is that yet they might be completely unaware, and sometimes uninterested, in whether or not this type of investment will do more harm than good. So… how can a small business determine whether or not they should invest in this type of marketing tactic?

Consider a few questions:

1) Did An SEO EXPERT Recommend Investing In SEO Packages For Small Business Owners?



As mentioned above, there is a way to know ahead of time how impactful specific SEO packages might be for a website that such a strategy would be implemented on. The best person to do that type of analysis is an expert or consultant that understands the possible impact that certain SEO tactics might have on the website in question. If they look at your website, the keywords you’re targeting, and the marketing tactics that your competitors are using… they might recommend that a specific type of SEO package be used to put your website in a position to rank better than it currently does.

On the other hand, it would be a mistake to invest in this type of digital marketing strategy simply because it’s cheaper than a “standard” SEO campaign. Why do we say that? Keep reading below…

2) Are You Willing To Risk The Possibility Of Your Company Website Being Penalized If Things Don’t Go As Planned?



This question is not intended to scare you into not using SEO packages as part of your digital marketing strategy, but it is a possibility that you should be made aware of before making this type of investment. At the end of the day, SEO packages are often a cheaper form of digital marketing largely due to the fact that many of the tactics used can be automated and do not need the human touch from start to finish. What often comes with that type of traffic is a lack of quality, tasks and work being completely just out of routine…  lacking any real benefit, and frankly… some of these tactics are frowned upon by search engines; which can result in the site being penalized… meaning they won’t be able to rank for the target keywords that the business owner is pursuing.

3) Would You Consider Using SEO Packages As A TEMPORARY SEO Tactic Until You Can Increase Your Marketing Budget?

There are ways to use SEO packages in a way that will allow a business owner to help strengthen certain areas of their website until they are able to have a large enough budget to support an ongoing SEO strategy. If you can work with an SEO consultant, they can help you create a strategy that uses these types of packages in a way that will focus on specific areas of your online presence and your website itself. One of the benefits of using SEO packages for small business owners in this way is that you can see some ranking improvements and prepare your website for a future campaign.



4) Is Investing In This Type Of Marketing Tactic Really About A Limited Budget, Or Are You Just Trying To Find A Bargain?

We understand that some businesses simply do not have the budget needed to compete in the SEO space using strategies and tactics that are the most commonly used; most of which are considered “expensive”. It’s for that reason that we continually focus on creating content that will not only give helpful information to businesses with a large marketing budget, but we’ll always provide tips and strategies that can be used by those with little to no budget.

On the other hand, there are some business owners that want to be the leading company in their industry online AND they have the marketing budget to do so; but instead they hear about a tactic like using SEO packages and they notice how much cheaper they are compared to other SEO strategies. It’s not our place or interest to say that such business owners are wrong for wanting to save money, but we’ll say nothing more than what we’ve said in many articles here on… “you get what you pay for”. Hopefully, the facts and risks we’ve mentioned here and elsewhere on the website will provide business owners with the information they need to make the best decision for their own business in this regard.

Yes, Search Engine Optimization Packages Can Help… BUT…



We usually recommend that companies NOT use them unless they’ve been advised to do so by an industry expert that both knows how AND when they should be used. This will enable a small business owner to use SEO packages safely and effectively. If you’re still on the fence about using this type of SEO strategy, or there was something here that you have questions about… feel free to content us or leave a comment below. Nomvo!


  1. Thanks to provide effective information about SEO packages which helps to improve website ranking for search engines.

  2. I hear you here… I have SEO clients that think these services should be dirt cheap. I have fired clients, and said if it is so inexpensive and easy, by all means go ahead and take the reigns. It probably does not help that there are so many shady companies in this industry. It sort of mucks it up for everyone else. Best of luck to you!


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      Hey Josh,

      You’re not the only person that has shared similar comments with us. At the end of the day, our hope is that more SEO services providers and businesses can work together on digital marketing campaigns that prove to be a success to both parties. We appreciate your sharing your perspective.

  3. It’s unlikely that Google uses keyword density as a ranking factor.

    But there is no doubt in my mind that they look at the number of times a keyword appears on your page.

    (Known as “Keyword Frequency”).

    Think about it:

    Imagine if page A contained the keyword “oatmeal cookies” only once.

    And page B contained that same keyword 7 times. Which page would you think is more likely to be about “oatmeal cookies”? Thought so.

    Bottom line: Use your target keyword at least a few times in the body of your article

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