Where Can You Find Local SEO Packages That Work?

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As someone that has spoken to many local business owners that are looking for a way to improve their organic search engine rankings, I cannot accurately guess how many times I’ve been asked this question. It’s not only because more and more local businesses realize how important and impactful a successful SEO campaign can be for their business, but there seems to be an overwhelming number of “marketing experts” spamming local businesses with their offers of local SEO packages that will create guaranteed results.

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Although I’ve openly mentioned in other articles that in some regions and industries, all it would take for some businesses to rank on page one of their target search engine is a package of tactics and strategies, does that mean that all local SEO packages are created equal? Nope! Additionally, for the businesses out there that realize that this type of digital marketing package could help them… where can they find the right vendor to offer this service?

Here’s 3 Ways To Find The Local SEO Packages That Will Actually Help:

1) Do A Google Search For Vendors Offering SEO Packages In Your Area

An excellent way to quickly find out how experienced an SEO company really is is by checking to see what digital marketing related keywords they rank for in the search engines. If they aren’t ranking for anything related to the products or services they offer, what makes them qualified to help you rank and compete for keyword phrases that are related to your industry?

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To save yourself a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted on the digital marketing agencies that cold call and email you offering these services, just do a search for the particular search engine marketing service you want. From there you can begin to make a choice based on the company websites that rank on page one in the organic listings.

2) Ask The Vendor For Recent Case Studies & Referrals

Once you’ve identified a vendor that you might want to work with, ask them to provide detailed information about case studies AND referrals from companies they’ve provided the same services that they’d like you to sign up for. If they don’t have examples to show you within the last 2-3 months, then you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.

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That doesn’t mean that every company is going to have some amazing case studies to show you, but they should at least have happy clients as well as enough information to give you a sense of how they work and the types of services they provide. Otherwise, you can end up making a mistake to do business with them, and your company website could become one of their newest “case studies” or tests… at the expense of your reputation and future.

3) Don’t Agree To Long-Term SEO Contracts… Until You’re Ready

Some vendors do not like when I say this since it makes it difficult for some of them to establish stability and a sense of security with their client relationships. However, I’m not suggesting that it’s never a good idea to agree to SEO contracts; since it can ensure that you as a customer have a locked in monthly price that can’t increase from one month to the other. But when it comes to SEO packages, it’s quite common for SEO agencies to use strategies and methods that the business owner disagrees with.

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Also, there are times that an individual tactic being used can be doing harm to the business owner’s website; so it’s important to have a way out in instances like this. On the other hand, after 2-3 months of working with an SEO vendor, and it seems like things are going well and are moving in the right direction, it could be a good idea to get a written agreement in place to ensure and protect the pricing and scope of work you initially agreed to.

Hopefully, these 3 reminders can help you get a sense of where to find vendors offering local search engine optimization packages. Simply put, they’re the ones that should be ranking in the search engines for related keyword phrases. If they are not, then it’s very likely that they’re not one of the best or most experienced digital marketing agencies in your area.

Additionally, don’t forget to get proof that their packages work by having them provide you with recent examples and referrals. Doing this will ensure that you marketing budget is used wisely and with the best vendor when it comes to SEO. If you have questions on more things to look for before choosing to work with a particular SEO company, feel free to contact us and let us know. Nomvo!

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