Which SEO Training Institute Provides Useful SEO Help?

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This is one of those questions that both excites me, yet saddens me at the same time. The reason is not that the question is asked, or that I cannot provide the answer. Instead, it’s because I’m reminded of the reality that far too many SEO schools (or institutes), courses, and “experts” are offering what they call training when they really shouldn’t be. Frankly, so many of them are unqualified to do so although far too many of them are willing to do so… but that’s another conversation.

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Back to the question at hand, how do you know which SEO training institution or course you should invest in to either get started or get ahead when it comes to search engine optimization?

Here are a few things to look for when selecting an SEO training institute or course:

1) An Institution With SEO Strategies That Have Been Implemented On Their Own Website

Simply put, if an individual or company is offering training materials for search engine optimization, but they have not implemented them on their own site… why? Does the SEO trainer even have a website? To do business with such an individual would be like taking your luxury vehicle to a mechanic who’s car is always broke down, or better yet has never driven a motor vehicle.

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The point is if there is ever someone trying to sell SEO training yet they don’t believe in their methodologies enough to implement them on their own website, the wise decision would probably be to find someone who does. In addition to this, you can simply do a search for keywords like SEO training, SEO coach, SEO expert, SEO schooling, etc and choose a course that suits your goals and budget from a site ranking on page 1 of the search engine you use. The fact that their website ranks for the keywords associated with the product they sell proves a lot in itself.

2) Testimonials From Previous Clients That Provide Specific Details About SEO Improvements They Experienced

This can be viewed by looking at a testimonials page or section of the website of the company you’re thinking about paying to teach you search engine optimization. If there are no specific details about the experiences and results that came in as a consequence of the SEO training provided, there is nothing wrong with reaching out to that person/business directly. This can be done via their website or a site like LinkedIn to find out if they were really a client or simply a friend of the business willing to “vouch” for the training course.

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Keep in mind, though, that just because a website does not have testimonials listed for the public on their website, there is nothing wrong with asking that the SEO institution provides a few examples of companies and websites that have seen SEO improvements as a result of their training. As with anything related to SEO, the proof is always going to be in the pudding.

3) On-going Help & Coaching As You Implement Learned SEO Strategies

Although some trainers and SEO coaches might not like the fact that I’m recommending this, making sure that there is an option to choose and pay for this type of on-going support is crucial. The reason is mainly due to the fact that after SEO training on the generalities of SEO is complete, there is going to be a variety of specific questions, obstacles, and needs that will come up and you’ll want to get assistance with. This usually happens because what you learn with most SEO training programs won’t be directly related specifically to your target website, and industry you’re competing in, and not to mention other limitations you might have as it relates to time or your budget.

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Making sure that you can have on-going support from an SEO training institution, for at least a limited period is going to put you in the best position to succeed with any SEO strategies and methodologies that you learn and decide to implement.

With that said, these are just a few reminders that should help you quickly identify the SEO training courses that you’ll want to stay away from and those that you might consider using. For those of you that are unaware, at this point in time… there is a wealth of knowledge readily available on just about anything and everything related to SEO; all it takes is doing a Google search.

Obviously, some people learn better in a more structured way, but for those of you that don’t… searching for the SEO related topics that you need can save you a lot of time and money; not to mention help you get a sense of current and historical SEO tactics.

If you need help making a selection on which SEO training you should invest in, or if you want help with a particular area of SEO… please let us know using our contact us page, and we would love to assist.

Although I have mixed feelings about this topic… it’s good to see that people are still looking to learn about and invest in getting a better grasp of search engine optimization. Nomvo!

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