Using Restaurant Reputation Management Is Always Smart

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If you are a restaurant owner, you are probably aware of how competitive and challenging it can be to not only make sure you have returning customers but to get new ones from one day to the next. In addition to that, one of the biggest and most common reservations people running a restaurant have with investing in marketing is the fact that the ROI is hard to track, and more often than not such an investment doesn’t work.


Having that added concern, while trying to run the business and stay profitable makes a lot of restaurants decide to ignore most forms of marketing entirely; especially digital marketing. One of the reasons we’ve chosen to write an article on this topic is that our team has seen far too many businesses in this industry go out of business despite having fantastic food, and even better service. The problem was that they weren’t actively investing in the form of digital marketing that would keep them busy and profitable.

So, what does have to offer restaurant owners? In short, it’s the fact that we’ve repeatedly seen some of the largest, most successful, and fastest growing eateries invest in digital marketing in a way that offered guaranteed success. Two of the most common aspects of this type of successful digital marketing is search engine optimization and restaurant reputation management. In this article, we’re going to talk about the latter.

With that said, why are we suggesting that restaurant reputation management is always a good idea? Consider these 4 reasons:

1) The Internet & Mobile Device Have Made It Easier For People To Help Or Hurt Your Reputation


All it takes is for you to have a positive impact on your reputation is to treat a random customer with fantastic service and food, and they’ll end up leaving a positive comment or review about their experience on sites like Google, Yelp, etc. The opposite happens when you or one of your staff is having a bad day, or your food isn’t up to par. It takes less than 60 seconds for one person to share their bad experience which will drop the public perspective and ratings that many of sites like the ones mentioned above have regarding your restaurant. The point is, while nothing in life is perfect… we highly suggest you go out of your way to make sure every interaction and meal provided is your very best. In addition to that, having an on-going plan in place to monitor your reputation in this way can be the difference between you being misrepresented by falsified stories and an online reputation that makes your restaurant stand out among your competitors.

2) A Restaurant Reputation Management Expert Can Help Make Positive Comments Stand Out


As mentioned above, it’s very easy for someone to write a positive review about your business. In addition to that, even if they don’t write a review, they can just click a button on their mobile device to give your restaurant a positive review or thumbs up if they are happy with the experience. When you have an expert watching this type of feedback from your customers, they can then come up with a plan to make sure this kind of publicity is made to stand out, and can even find creative ways for you to incentivise happy clients to provide this type of feedback more often.

3) This Aspect Of Digital Marketing Keeps A Close Eye On Bad, Negative & False Publicity

The benefit of this is that even if you did make a mistake or your business was in the wrong somehow, you can be made aware of what is being said online… and you can put forth the effort needed to get it resolved. Additionally, there are instances where competitors might make up false reviews and stories that you can be sure to “save face” by NOT arguing with those reviews, but encouraging the poster to allow you to resolve it. More often than not, this will show the public that you care not only about your reputation, but also about the food and associated services you provide.


4) Most, If Not All, Of Your Competitors Are Not Using Reputation Management Services For Restaurants… Yet

With that being the case, there are distinct advantages of making sure that you’re keeping an eye on this aspect of your business. As time goes by, it’s becoming more and more common that restaurant owners invest in many forms of digital marketing because it is profitable and trackable. That means that by in large, your industry is going to catch up to the benefits of this type of marketing. But since that has yet to happen in almost all regions at this point… we urge you to consider looking into this aspect of your online reputation and marketing.

We understand how much work goes into running a restaurant. In fact, that’s why this is one area of digital marketing we suggest you hire an expert for because you’re probably already bus. Also, it’s like that you will get even busier once you have this type of marketing campaign in place, and it’s easy to do completely wrong when you don’t have the experience or expertise in this type of internet marketing.


With that said, no matter how large or small of a restaurant you have and no matter how close you are to shutting down… protecting and investing in your online reputation can drastically improve how successful your restaurant can and will be. If you need help finding an expert to assist you with this, or you have questions about this subject, feel free to contact us. Nomvo!

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