How White & Private Label SEO Services Get A Bad Reputation

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There are a number of digital marketing companies that offer private label SEO services that are both affordable and impactful. Such services allow web hosting, web design, and software development companies that do not have the staff and/or expertise to offer a search engine optimization campaign to their clients. When these types of companies are offering an excellent product to their existing customers, marketing services are requested by their customers since they know that it will help their business. Before getting into why these white label services have a bad reputation in the eyes of some, let’s first discuss the benefits.



White Label SEO Benefits

1) Residual Income – This is probably one of the largest benefits to having a private label SEO agreement in place. Once you find a good company or contractor to take care of this area of business for you, there are many ways business owners benefit. This type of campaign is completely hands off, and as it grows it can be a large contributor to the overall success and revenue the company brings in, aside from the other products and services being fulfilled directly.

2) Increased Referrals – As you widen your offering to people by way of SEO services that you someone else to white label for you, your opportunities to reach more people will increase as they see that your company is an expert in all things related to the digital space and the internet. From there you can ask your growing customer base for referrals and even offer them discounts for either your own services or those that you’re outsourcing… like SEO.

3) Industry Credibility – For some, this is the most valuable part of this arrangement; that is, being viewed as the expert when it comes to any area of the digital work that relates to your clients. Any time an individual or company is considered to be an expert in any industry, the potential growth opportunities can be much larger than any projections for growth.

Private Label SEO Services Gone Wrong



So why is it that the idea of purchasing an SEO service under the umbrella of a white labeled offering is often viewed as bad, and ultimately avoided? Consider three reasons:

1) Lack Of Quality – To be honest, most of the time when this type of search engine optimization campaign is outsourced… there is a lack of quality. The blame can’t always be placed on the company who’s name is on the service, or the one actually fulfilling it. While this isn’t always the case, it is a fact that this happens more often than not, and for that reason, these types of services are a no-no for many people.

2) Lack Of Interest – Another reason this type of outsourcing for SEO can go wrong is that the company collecting the money from the client, in some cases, has no familiarity or interest in SEO and as a result, the campaign suffers. Instead of making sure there is a marketing campaign in place that will be both impactful and efficient, they blame any lack of improvement(and even decreases) on the part of SEO that only the search engines control: like Google updates, the increase of competitors, etc.

3) Lack Of Communication – Sometimes there is a disconnect between the company white labeling the marketing services, and the one that pays them for the service. There are a number of reasons why this happens, but instead of going into all of them, we’d much rather highlight that it’s a problem. For those of you who are thinking about either providing this service or selling it… just make sure you don’t allow this to be an issue for your customers, so this type of marketing to succeed.

So with all of that said, how about we consider the question that so many people have asked… Should you try white label SEO services? The long answer is, it depends on whether or not you’ll take what was mentioned above seriously and ensure that you don’t fall into the same issues that other companies have. The short answer is, ABSOLUTELY! When this type of relationship works well between two businesses, they are both happy and are paid well for it; and all of this takes place while the customer is getting what they need and depend on for their business.

If anyone has added perspective to this type of marketing, please let us know in the comments section below or contact us directly. Nomvo!


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