Why The Best Internet Marketing Companies Are Hard To Find

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This is one of the most common questions asked when it comes to a business trying to find an internet marketing company to work with. In this brief article, we’d like to give you 4 reasons why finding the best of the best in this service related industry can be hard to do.

Source: http://blog.biowebspin.com/

Source: blog.biowebspin.com

The Good News Is…

There are really good digital marketing companies out there ready and willing to take you on as a client.

The Bad News Is…

They are hard to find. Why is that? Here are 4 common reasons:

  1. They’re Busy:

    – The best internet marketing companies that currently offer services like search engine optimization, pay per click campaign management, reputation management, conversion rate optimization recommendations, social media management, etc at all busy offering these services to their clients. With these campaigns, the best marketing companies are both succeeding in their client’s industries and making an ROI month over month from the services being provided.

    A common practice when it comes to companies paying for marketing services and are actually seeing profits increase is that they invest more budget in the campaign being directed by the marketing agency. Thus the agency has a hard time keeping up with the demand of new business. Additionally, these satisfied clients are recommending these services to their colleagues and friends in other industries, so for that reason it can be hard to find some of the best companies out there to work with to help you succeed with your digital marketing campaign.

  2. Bad Companies Are Easier To Find:

    – There are more bad companies offering sub-par marketing services, which makes them easier to find. These days… just about anyone with a computer, an internet connection, a way of making phone calls or sending emails, and that can say the words “Google” and “SEO” in the same sentence advertise that they can offer “guaranteed’ page 1 results, or a high performing PPC campaign. The problem is that so many of them are making money promising the world to prospected clients, while eventually providing little to no value to business owners… it’s making more and more people and companies follow that same blueprint to make a quick buck while riding the digital marketing wave. As a result, the online marketing companies that actually produce results and increased revenue for their clients become the needle in the hay stack; for lack of a better illustration.

  3. They’re Expensive To Work With… Usually:

    – Marketing agencies that offer services that work, are experts in what they do, and that are taking on more clients are often times more expensive that most others out there; at times being 10 to 20 times more expensive. As a result, most businesses cannot afford this type of investment or are unsure about taking such a “risk” when so many other companies out there claim to offer the same or a better service for a fraction of the cost.

    Additionally, many people that are looking to outsource their digital marketing to a company outside of their own have no idea how much they should pay for these types of services. Therefore, when they see paid ads offer this type of service for $299 per month with a 60 day guarantee, they get sticker shock when they are given a proposal from one of the best internet marketing companies around for $4,000-10,000 per month. That’s not to say that every campaign needs that type of budget to be successful, but for the companies dominating their industry in most commercial niches, that is the type of budget being used to make $10,000-100,000s per month from their business.

  4. They Don’t Market Their Businesses… They Don’t Have To:

    – When a company that offers digital marketing services to clients that are referring them to other business owners, and are regularly increasing their budget… it can be hard to take time away from doing the day to day work to grow their own business. It’s quite obvious that some of the best and most successful digital marketing agencies have very few search engine rankings or paid ads, outside of their own region, simply because they are too busy to do so. Often times they are simply too busy to scale the business and possibly take on more work, or too busy to spend the time and effort needed to grow the business.

Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com

Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com

So, how can you find the best online marketing company for your business and needs?

Put simply…

Instead of companies looking to qualify you or pitch you as a client, you need to turn the tables around and pitch them. Below we’ll mention a few questions you should get clear answers to in an effort to help you ensure you’re working with the best. This won’t be a comprehensive list, but it will send you in the right direction.

A) How long has your company been providing digital marketing services to businesses like mine?

B) How many clients do you currently have?

C) Can you show me some examples of 3-5 different clients that are ranking on page 1 for competitive keywords? (Not long tail keywords)

D) Can you show me some examples of keywords your website ranks for in your industry? (As mentioned above, they might not have spent time on this… but their response can still be useful in understanding how they work as a company)

E) Can you provide me with business referrals of past or present clients that you have worked with?

This is not a complete list of what you might want to ask, but the answers to those questions will help you quickly identify whether or not you are speaking to someone from one of the “best” marketing agencies around or not.

Source: talentculture.com

Source: talentculture.com

Hopefully this information has been helpful in answering why this can be challenging, but as noted… you can find the best and work with the best. It’s something we’ve always recommended, and we’ve never heard of a case where doing so ended up being a mistake. If you have more questions about this, please contact us. Nomvo!

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