Why SEO For Law Firms Is Usually Worth The Investment

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Many law firms find themselves spending quite a bit of their marketing budget on trying to bring in new business opportunities by advertising methods such as telephone book ads, TV commercials, and cold calling on the phone. For many of these law firms this has proven to be a time-tested method of bringing in and speaking to new clientele, yet many of them are looking for a more efficient way of accomplishing this.

Source: safetymakers.com.au

Source: safetymakers.com.au

What if there was a way to bring in new business not using the spray and pray methods mentioned above, but instead you could be putting your name and expertise in front of the people who are looking for the specific legal services that you offer?

The truth is… now more than ever people are using the internet to find specifically the type of legal advice and consulting that they need for their specific situation or legal concern. As a result of this fact, making an investment in SEO for legal practices has been a complete game changer for many small to large firms. Below are a few clear ways that easily prove that making such an investment could be the best thing for your business today and for the long-term future.

Source: blog.superlawyers.com

Source: blog.superlawyers.com

Digital Marketing With A Service Specific Legal Counsel In Mind

You could focus on the types of legal services that you wish to promote and get new business for; as well as connect with those people that are looking for exactly those services.

It’s a fact that law firms are interested in their cost per lead or cost per new acquisition, however when doing a comparison of the price of a clearly defined and planned out search engine optimization strategy… it’s becoming widely accepted that this is a much more lucrative and budget-friendly way of marketing. That does not mean that this type of advertising is particularly “cheap”, but it is definitely more effective, more impactful, and a much better choice for getting new clients in this industry.

If you consider working with a digital marketing specialist, you’ll be glad to know that before you spend $1, you can easily and clearly understand exactly how much the marketing campaign will cos, as well as how many potential new business opportunities will become available as a result of this type of marketing. One of the benefits of SEO is that there is enough data and real life examples of how putting your brand in front of the right audience at the right time, when they are specifically looking for your services, can in both the short-term and long-term make the ROI of this investment a no-brainer and very appealing.

Source: si.wsj.net

Source: si.wsj.net

One of the things that just about every company in every industry would love to do is to be able to take away new business opportunities from their competitors; and become not only the face of their own region but honestly the face and the go-to brand of an entire industry. With both younger and older generations turning to the internet to do their research before doing any form of business online, locally, or otherwise… it’s a great opportunity to direct them to your brand; even while they’re still in the research phase. This is one of the reasons why in the digital marketing industry, many experts refer to websites in general and their ability to be put in front of their target audience as a form of real estate… digital real estate.

How Do You Choose A Internet Marketing Company To Work With?

Source: images.newrepublic.com

Source: images.newrepublic.com

This is one of the questions that not only law firms often asked us, but most businesses ask us the question… Which SEO agency should I delegate my organic marketing campaign to? The specifics of the answer to that question is closely associated with the following:

A) Your budget

B) Your target audience

C) Your website and the ability to work on and edit the website as needed

D) How fast you would like to see results from the investment in this form of marketing.

Those are all things that need to be clearly defined and determined by you and your firm internally BEFORE choosing the best company or consultant to help you with your SEO and online presence. What if you don’t know how to go about making those decisions? Then bringing on an expert to help guide the discussion can be an extremely helpful decision.

So in conclusion, if there are some specific questions you have about using search engine marketing or any form of digital marketing to help bring in targeted business opportunities for your legal practice, feel free to reach out to us and we would love to give you some specific help for your industry, specialty, region, and target budget. Nomvo!

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