Can A Cheap SEO Service Really Help Your Business?

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This is a question that needs to be answered largely due to the fact that there are endless amounts of SEO “gurus” and agencies promising the world to their “prospects”. Worse yet, oftentimes their target clients are promised guaranteed success when it comes to the SEO campaign that is being pitched. When looking at the price, persistence, and priority that comes with most offers for these types of affordable services, it can be really tempting to want to make the investment.



Should You Trust SEO Companies That Offer Cheap Services?

It would be unfair to automatically say no to both questions that have been presented, although it’s usually not a good idea to just trust whatever you’re being told about these services during the cold calls and emails we often times get. Instead, IF the offer being made sounds like one that could be a good fit for your budget and business goals… the first things to consider might be the following:

– Is There Proof That A Cheap SEO Service Being Offered Will Actually Work?



There might be a company and/or search engine optimization solution that produces the type of results you’re looking for at a “cheap” price, but the wise course would be to get proof of concept by way of real life examples and results. If the vendor does provide you with an example, continue to ask for more than just 1 example of a website succeeding in 1 industry. The reason we suggest you do that is because there are still a number of industries that are fairly uncompetitive, with “easy to rank” for keywords. That does not mean the ease of ranking and other factors related to other industries are the characteristics of the industry that your website is trying to rank well in.

If you can get them to provide 5-10, but 3 at the very least, different websites that are ranking well in their own industry for keywords directly related to their product/services… you might have found a good opportunity… maybe. If you’re unsure if the evidence provided means that this vendor can succeed with your industry, and website… feel free to contact us so we can take a look at what was presented to you as well as what you’d like to accomplish in your own industry. From there, we can provide you with our perspective that will always be both neutral, and based on the facts available.

– Can The Person Offering The SEO Service Provide References?

Even if you are provided with a number of examples of successful SEO campaigns that had a strategy implemented in a way that might be considered cheap, that’s a great start. Next you’ll want to speak to the actual companies or individuals to make sure that they are happy with the way the campaign went. We’ve seen time and time again where a digital marketing campaign appears to be performing well, metrics wise, while on the other hand the client is not happy with various aspects of the marketing campaign.



There might have been an issue with things like reporting, communication, honesty, billing, etc. From there, you have to do decide what’s most important to you and to determine if the way the internet marketing service provider works will be a good fit for your mission and goals as a company.

– Are You In A Position To Accept The Possibility Of An SEO Services Campaign Not Succeeding?

For anyone wondering why this question needs to be considered… the fact of the matter is that MOST COMPANIES that proudly market themselves as having a cheap SEO service for businesses like yours aren’t the types of companies we’d recommend any one that consults with us to work with.



Why is that? The short answer is this… SEO is largely based quality and time. In just about any area of business, neither of those things are “cheap”. Sure we could break down why that is, and why such a statement proves true… but we trust that our readership can clearly see and understand that fact in the world around them. That doesn’t mean that a cheap or affordable SEO plan couldn’t be developed for your business needs and budget… but how could someone offer that without knowing what your business needs and budget are? Make sense yet?

– Do You Personally Know Of Anyone Who Has Succeeded With Affordable Marketing Services Like This?

If the answer is no, then you can try to be the first person in your “circle” to find a SEO provider that can get you results while allowing you to be cheap. Otherwise, the experience of yourself and those around you should be enough reason to think twice about buying into this type of offer without the facts and evidences to trust it.

On the other hand, if you know of someone that has and they can refer you to a company or individual that can produce similar results for your business… our advice is to work with them ASAP. However, we’d suggest you get them to do twice as much work as the normally would, and then rinse and repeat that same process for as many businesses as you can reasonably manage. Why do we say that? Because we know how valuable a successful SEO campaign is; no matter what industry it’s in.

– Do You Get The Point Yet?

Basically, we’re just trying to be neutral while at the same time not turn a blind eye to the unfortunate fact that there are multitudes more bad search engine optimization “experts” than there are trustworthy and reliable ones. Does that mean you shouldn’t click on an ad, or reply to an inquiry sent to you from someone offering SEO services for cheap? We’re not going to say that. At the same time however, we have an obligation to our industry, and by extension that means we’re obligated to share what we’ve seen historically over the last decade regarding anything related to digital marketing.



With that said, in our opinion… you are the only person that can determine if an affordable internet marketing campaign like this can help your business. We’ve seen it, and we know of ways to do so with little to no budget… so we know it’s possible. However, it’s sickening to see and hear about endless experiences companies and business owners  that have wasted time and money by agreeing to some of the “cheap services” being offerer. Our recommendation is to consider what we’ve said above, and as always feel free to reach out if you need information more specific to your personal circumstances. Nomvo!


  1. I grew up reading seobook and yoast and some of others. ne’er obtained any services. however have obtained tools and education. however that’s simply however my brain works. Back then it absolutely was all concerning SEO. currently with social networking, it’s most a lot of. Being found is currently easier than before, however, for those who suppose they don’t have to be compelled to perform SEO work, they’re missing a great deal of traffic.

    1. Author

      Hey Arif,

      We couldn’t agree more with your last sentence. It’s unfortunate how many businesses miss out on an substantial amount of valuable traffic by ignoring SEO best practices.

  2. You also need to have a clear idea if your SEO services are done in an appropriate way or not. Since SEO can take months to be effective, seeing results within a week may actually show you that the efforts being taken could hurt your business in the long-run. Tactics like buying backlinks which were previously used to boost rankings, now hurt rankings.

    1. Author

      Hey Mark,

      We appreciate hearing your feedback and perspective on this subject. While we do agree that most SEO campaigns take weeks or months in most cases, there are plenty of instances and search engine strategies that can be used to see rapid positive results. Additionally, despite the fact that we rarely suggest that a business purchase backlinks, there are instances where purchasing backlinks is appropriate and impactful to an SEO campaign.

      Think about companies that sponsor organizations, or different events. Many times the websites that list and link to their sponsors have a strong domain presence, are relevant to their sponsors, and as a result send traffic to those sponsors that have contributed to the linking website’s cause; aka paying for a link. This is one of many link building tactics that isn’t done solely for SEO purposes, but it’s one example of many where “buying a backlink” isn’t necessarily a bad decision that will end up hurting rankings from an SEO standpoint.

      Again, we appreciate your comments but want to make sure that our audience is aware of the fact that we can’t always put generalities on SEO strategies and tactics like buying links or wanting results from SEO within a week. Hope that makes sense…

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