4 Reasons Marketing Consultants Can Be Helpful

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Why do we make the claim that marketing consultants “can be” helpful to the marketing campaign for a business; but not always? The short answer is that some businesses already know their target market well and how to reach their audience; and for that reason they don’t really need the experience and expertise of a consultant. On the other hand, there are multitudes of businesses, both large and small, that need marketing consultation services from an expert. That is not to say that they don’t know how to run their business successfully, but instead they might be looking for ways to take a larger piece of the industry they’re in.

Source: ndypolitics.org

Source: indypolitics.org

Another common factor we find in companies looking for a marketing expert is when a company is trying to get added support and expertise for their current marketing team. It can be a great way to have more resources and assistance with both building a marketing strategy, followed by the execution of the identified strategy. These are just a few of the most common reasons why marketing consultant services prove to be a great investment for a business looking to grow. With that said, what are 4 reasons this type of marketing service can be quite helpful?

1) Many Marketing Consultants Have Experience With Creating An Impactful Strategy:

Source: yakima-campfire.com

Source: yakima-campfire.com

When it comes to many forms of marketing, it’s not very often that a company looking to hire someone to join their internal marketing team can find someone that has a complete understanding of the industry the company is targeting as well as the specific needs of the company. Many times this results in the learning curve for a new hire to take 2-3 months in some cases. That’s not always a bad thing, but for the company that is looking to invest in the growth of their business by way of having a marketing strategy in place that will be both impactful and practical for the goals of a business… a marketing guru often times proves to be the better option.

That’s not to say that it’s the only option, but an advantage a consultant has is that they’re often times in a position to perform a thorough analysis of the industry being targeted, and they’re able to create the appropriate action items within a reasonable amount of time. In addition to that, due to the fact that they are likely working with a variety of companies in different industries, there are likely aware of trends and best practices that are both up to date and impactful; which proves to be very useful for new campaigns, and it’s something that a new hire might not be aware of or familiar with.

2) Good Marketing Consultations Create More Time For Internal Marketing Teams:

One of the things that many companies fail to realize is that when working with a marketing consultant, there will be plenty of time saved for the company, but they can not completely wash their hands of the responsibilities that come with the implementation of a marketing campaign. There seems to be an idea that once a marketing consultant is brought on board, the company’s internal team can focus on other items while the consultant drives the strategy and implementation; but that’s not the case. For anyone out there that is looking for this type of service, working with a full service marketing vendor would probably be a better idea.

Source: sharedvisions.ca

Source: sharedvisions.ca


That’s not to say that getting marketing consultation services won’t save you time, because they will save time in both the long and short term. How so? Basically, without the expertise of someone familiar and comfortable with current marketing trends… it’s very likely that internal teams might take much longer to identify and implement the most time sensitive and cost effective strategy. On the other hand, a marketing expert operating in a consultant role would likely be better equipped do provide a strategy while keeping both of those factors in mind.

3) The Services Offered Can Ensure Long Term Growth For A Business:

Source: antiquetrader.com

Source: antiquetrader.com

If we look at the history of some of the largest companies that have been succeeding for the last 10, 20, 50 years… it’s obviously due to the products and services that they offer, yet it also has to do with their marketing as well. In today’s age, especially in the last 5+ years, marketing tactics as well as the interest of consumers have greatly changed; in some cases from one year to the next.

What this means is that there needs to be a marketing campaign being executed that is dynamic enough to keep up with what’s happening with their target audience and their demands, so as to keep them interested in continuing to do business with the same companies. Having a consultant on the team that has this fact on their radar can ensure that your company continues to succeed and grow for the long term; despite what unexpected changes come up in the market.

4) The ROI For Marketing Strategy Services Can Be Very Lucrative:

For any company that has invested in these types of services, they’d be happy to tell you how much this type of added support has helped increase revenues for their business; unless you’re one of their competitors. But even without the recommendation of another company stating how important and lucrative working with marketing consultants can be, looking at this industry from a global standpoint… it’s no coincidence that the consulting industry continues to be a billion dollar industry year after year; that fact alone says a lot.

Source: comluv.com

Source: comluv.com

At the same time however, it’s important to keep in mind that having an expert marketer as a vendor is not something that would be classified as “cheap”, yet the decision to invest in services of this type can be the difference between a business staying afloat and trying to keep up with changes in the market vs continuing to see growth for your business year after year.


These are just 4 reasons that we remind our audience about that highlights how impactful marketing consultants can be for the marketing strategy for just about any company, no matter what industry they’re in. It’s a option that should be considered, and it’s an option that should be taken seriously. If you trying to decide if your business is ready for this type of support for your marketing, feel free to let us know if you have any questions or need specific help in this regard; and as always… we’d be happy to assist. Nomovo!

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