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With so many opinions, strategies, and myths about link building, are there any secrets or tips we have to help with strengthening your backlink profile? Absolutely! When a marketing team understands not only the important role that backlinks play to just about every SEO strategy, they are in the best position to compete in the SERPs for the “money keywords” that will increase both the organic traffic and the revenue their company website produces.

Source: c.marketingtechblog.com

Source: c.marketingtechblog.com

One of the most common requests we get when it comes to the link acquisition part of a search engine optimization campaign is related to the purchasing and use of backlinks packages. Are they useful? How much should they cost? Are there any secrets to getting the most powerful backlinks? Are they safe? We can give you honest answers to these and many other questions related to link building, so let us start with a few of the most common.

Source: barrycarter.co

Source: barrycarter.co

But before we start… WARNING: understand that buying backlinks is against the Terms Of Service for search engines like Google, and ignoring those guidelines can result in penalties that can result in the loss and prevention of having your website rank for your targeted keywords. Instead of buying backlinks, many companies focus on providing valuable and useful content for their target audience, and sharing it on their social media channels. This method often times produces great results, although it takes longer to see results with this type of strategy, than if a backlinks were purchased. Now, onto answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

Are backlink packages useful?

They can be, if you’re purchasing a package that includes the types of links that are going to put you in a better position to rank with and better than your competitors. Often times backlink packages include links from web 2.0 websites, social signals, white paper and .pdf hosts, image hosts, document sharing websites, press release websites, etc.

Source: tajiwebsolutionprovider.com

Source: tajiwebsolutionprovider.com

In just about every case these types of backlinks are not very powerful, nor are they relevant to most of the industries website owners find themselves competing in. One of the main reasons people use them is not to gain any strength or authority for their link profile, but instead they do it for link diversity.

How much should link building packages cost?

Source: webxpertindia.com

Source: webxpertindia.com

This depends greatly on what you need, what’s being offered, and how much of an impact the links will have on your traffic, goals, and revenue as a business. Some backlink packages start as low as $5 and can go up into the $1,000s. As we’ve said countless times, just remember that you get what you pay for and that cheaper isn’t always better.

Additionally, to properly understand and assess the value of any link building bundle you find online, you must have a clear understanding of the risks, and exactly the types of links your website needs in the industry you’re competing in. With that said, we’re not in a position to give you a general or estimated cost of how much you should pay for backlinks. If you want specific information for your website and your target keywords, feel free to contact us directly.

Are there any secrets to getting the most powerful backlinks?

Yes. DO NOT BUY LINK PACKAGES! Why do we say that? The short answer is that they are not the most powerful links, and for any true business with a brand that is worth protecting, “playing with” backlink packages is usually not a good business decision. If you want powerful backlinks, start with identifying the most powerful backlinks the top10 ranking sites for you favorite 10-20 keywords have, and pursue those. That’s the short answer that seems to be a “secret” for many people; although there is nothing hidden or secret about it.

Are the backlinks packages currently being offered online safe?

Source: infinityinvestmentsgroup.com.au

Source: infinityinvestmentsgroup.com.au

As mentioned above, it’s against the Google TOS to buy backlinks, which means there are negative consequences that could come as a result of trying to use this strategy for an SEO campaign. For that reason, we would classify buying these types of links as unsafe.

In addition to that, even if you aren’t penalized for buying links in this way… many websites that are viewed as “spammy” by the search engines also have links from many of the sites used for link building with these types of packages. When it comes to link building, a site can be guilty by association; meaning that if your website is linked to from the same sites that are linking to spammy or questionable sites… the authority and reputation of your website, from an SEO standpoint, will also be negatively impacted.

Is there a way to build links like this safely?

Yes, but we’ll talk about that in a different article.

Here’s the point…

Multitudes of website owners buy backlink packages, but that doesn’t mean that you have to or that you should. If you have a website or brand that you don’t care too much about, then… do what you think is best. If you are a business that is trying to rank better in the search engines, much more harm than good can be done using these types of links for your company website.

Instead you’re better off focusing on content that will be naturally linked to from other industry related websites. If you’re looking for a strategy that produces positive results faster, you can speak with a digital marketing agency, an SEO expert, or contact us. Any and all of which will be able to assist you with different options that are out there to help you increase the number of websites linking to your website. Nomvo!


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