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Do they exist? The short answer is yes, but an even better use of time is to get a sense of whether a certificate for digital marketing is even worth the time it takes to get one. We’re not suggesting that the desire to be viewed as a certified digital marketer is wrong in itself. However, our experience over the years has shown that such a certification is not what employers and/or companies looking to outsource their digital marketing needs to a vendor are looking for. So, could it be possible that the pursuit of free online digital marketing courses with certificates could be time better spent on other valuable assets in the long run?



You might be wondering when it’s important to be viewed as a certified digital marketing professional, if ever. There are instances that we could relate where such a title could hold some value, but instead, a better use of our time would probably be to highlight some of the things you might want to focus on instead. Rather than having a document identify you as being a certified digital marketer, how about getting the following characteristics associated with you and your professional goals:

1) Experience In The Digital Marketing Industry

One of the first questions a business is interested in getting answered about an individual or vendor that is offering digital marketing services is, “what’s their experience in the digital marketing industry?”. In fact, the answer to that question is so important to most businesses that if such experience isn’t clearly recognized in a resume, cover letter, or in previous work history… they probably won’t be interested in talking to such a candidate.



So instead of focusing on trying to get some form of a digital marketing certification, even if it’s free, a much better use of time is to both gain some experience in this industry as well as documenting it.

2) A Proven Track Record Of Succeeding With Digital Marketing

There is nothing like a self-professed “experienced” professional with no real life examples of succeeding with what they claim to have expertise in. When it comes to internet marketing, the same proves true. Do you have actual proof or examples where you’ve succeeded over a period of time using the internet marketing strategies you’ve come to understand and profess to know?

3) Referrals Of Individuals Or Companies That Can Recommend & Validate Your Digital Marketing Expertise



It’s one thing to say good things about yourself, and it’s an entirely different thing for others to say good things about you; especially those that paid you for your time. If you have 2-3+ referrals or companies you’ve done business with in the digital marketing industry that are willing to speak on your behalf, you’ll be able to set yourself apart from so many others that are just starting out in this industry. You might be surprised to know that many of them have nothing more than a free certificate stating that they passed some sort of digital marketing curriculum.

4) A Willingness To Learn Using Free Online Digital Marketing Courses With Certificates; Or Without Them

No matter what your level of expertise, experience, or the number of referrals you have or not… if you’re busy working in the digital marketing space, even if it’s for personal or project websites, those real life examples are going to be your most valuable asset to a company thinking about working with you.

For that reason, our advice is always to stay busy working on digital marketing campaigns so you can have evidence to show you can you do… even if you’ve only been in this industry for a short period of time.



Free online marketing courses are fine, but spending time pursuing a digital marketing certificate is almost never more valuable than what’s been stated above…

With that said, is not the best place to find free digital marketing courses that will result in you receiving a certificate; but the reason is that it won’t do much good for you, if at all.

Instead, we’re here to help you get a better grasp of the digital marketing industry so you’ll be in the best position to make a career out of it. If you want or need more information about specific certifications for internet marketing that you have found, feel free to share them with us and we’ll give you our honest unbiased perspective. Nomvo!

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