Using A Link Building Reseller Is Tricky, Sometimes

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Why would a digital marketing resource like Nomvo say that working with a link building reseller is a tricky business decision, but not all of the time? It’s because we’ve seen far too many instances where a business owner approaches us looking for assistance to clean up their link building profile as a result of being penalized and losing rankings due to working with a link builder. We’re not saying that all link building vendors are bad and that all of the services out there will end up doing more harm than good; however, it’s possible and sadly happens more often than not.



One of the reasons that many businesses and website owners do not have good experiences working with backlink resellers is usually because they either invest in cheap services, or they depend on the vendor to recommend the types of links that are needed. The problem with investing in cheap link building services is that they often involve link building tactics that are either frowned upon by search engines, and/or they focus on the number of links acquired and not the type of links obtained. Additionally, most link vendors are experts at getting backlinks for any business owner that is willing to pay them, but many of them are not experts at doing the research and analysis for their customer’s website so as to make recommendations for the types of links that the business owner needs to accomplish their digital marketing goals.

It is for these, and other reasons we continually remind website owners that doing business with a link building reseller can be a great business decision if you know what you’re getting into and understand the types of links you need. Sure it’s cheaper and quicker to allow the link builder to make recommendations as to the types of links you should get, but you have to ask yourself… “what are those recommendations based on?”

Is it because many people have bought a particular type of link from the link building expert? Is it because a particular kind of link is popular in the SEO world at this time? Or is it because the link building reseller has analyzed your website, considered your goals, budget, and competitors backlinks to determine specifically what you need? The reason and motive that a business owner has will significantly impact how fruitful and impactful a link building campaign can be.

What are a few ways a business owner can set themselves up for a successful link building campaign? Consider three suggestions:

1) Ask The Link Building Expert For RECENT Examples Of How Their Backlink Strategies Have Helped Other Websites

If a vendor cannot provide you with this type of information, then what reason do you have to trust that your investment in these kinds of services is going to work for you? Sure there are other ways to have this fact proved to you, but as the old expression goes… “the proof is in the pudding”.

By looking at real examples of websites that have seen ranking improvements, and an increased amount of referral traffic coming as a result of the link building campaign that an agency might be trying to sell… you can know for sure if you can expect an ROI for this type of investment. Additionally, by looking at how links positively impact the rankings of a website over time… you can get a sense of whether or not the link building tactics used are search engine friendly and safe.



2) Ask The Backlink Vendor For Referrals

This point is important since there is nothing like making a decision to work with someone, but they are hard to reach and seemingly impossible to work with. At the end of the day, in far too many services related industries… we see some vendors that are initially great to work with and they promise you the world… but once they have your money, it seems like they turn into an entirely different person right before your eyes.

To protect yourself from experiencing anything closely related to that, be sure to ask for references. Even if you’re too busy to follow up with them, at the very least you can get a sense of some of the other businesses that the backlink company in question has done business with in the past.

3) Do The Link Building Tactics Used By The Backlink Agency Ignore Search Engine Best Practices & Terms Of Service?

If the answer is yes, maybe, or you’re not sure, then you might want to consider looking for a different backlink reseller. Unless you’re trying to build links for a website that you don’t care about, working with a vendor willing to use blackhat or greyhat link building tactics on your website can be a wrong decision. The time and money invested in this aspect of digital marketing can end up being a waste; in both the short term and long term.

With That Said… Get Some Links



Whether or not you decide to work with a link building company, or after reading this article, you choose to build your own links… at the end of the day, backlinks are still one of, if not the most important aspect of a successful SEO campaign. If you’re undecided as to whether or not you should hire an outside vendor to build links for you, or if you should do it yourself… feel free to reach out to us. If you provide us with your website address, business goals, and target budget in mind… and we’d love to share our perspective with you on the subject. Nomvo!


  1. Hi, Great article.
    Link building is a funny thing. What is a quality link and what is spam? G gives us guidance but it us still difficult to know the difference. I guess this is why some ‘seo’ link building companies end up building spam for their clients.

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