Which Backlinks Creator Is Best? Automatic or Manual?

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This term isn’t on that is often used here in the USA, yet, many of our readers associate this phrase with search engine optimization tactics, so we’ll assume that it’s something that is used in other regions. Additionally, we’re not exactly sure if those of you that use the keyword “backlinks creator” as part of your SEO vocabulary are referring to a vendor/service provider or a piece of software. In either case, a common question repeatedly asked is… “is it better to have a backlink strategy that includes manual or automatic backlinks?”

Source: software-forex.org

Source: software-forex.org

Asking this question in today’s SEO climate will produce many responses. Some will say that 100% automatic backlinks are perfectly fine and recommended for the digital marketer that wants to save time and money. Others will frown on the idea of building backlinks by any means other than manually, and yet still others will say that a mixture of both is the perfect combination for a successful off-page SEO strategy.

So, What Is Our Recommendation As It Relates To Using A Backlinks Creator?

To best answer that question, we’re going to focus on the benefits of building links using a manual process; despite the fact that it can be both tedious and time-consuming. Below are 4 reasons why we recommend that you stay away from automatic backlink software and services:

1) The Best & Strongest Backlinks Are Relevant To The Target Website

Of course, there are lots of people that will say that backlinks don’t have to be entirely relevant, since they may have been able to attain improved organic keyword rankings and traffic with semi and non-relevant links. Yet, historically most of these same people that support and encourage automatic link building are the ones that suffer and complain the most when new search engine algorithms are released that target such spammy and unnatural backlink profiles.

Source: 2thetopdesign.com

Source: 2thetopdesign.com

However, when you take a look at the largest and most successful websites, from an SEO standpoint, in just about any industry, it’s obvious that the sites with the most relevant backlinks from authoritative websites continue to outrank and outperform their organic search engine competitors.

2) A MANUAL Analysis Of Backlinks Is Needed To Create An Impactful Backlink Strategy

Although we’re talking about backlink acquisition in this article, it’s important to remember how useful it is to have a clear sense of exactly the types of backlinks that are needed to succeed quickly from an off-page SEO perspective. Yes, there are tools out there to help speed up this process, but this aspect of off-page SEO is one that still involves a lot of manual analysis. Of course, we’re not saying that tools shouldn’t be used during this process, in fact, we HIGHLY recommend using some of the tools available out there that quickly discover, analyze and report on the exact backlinks that your organic search engine competitors have.

Keep in mind that the point is this, with so many aspects of successful link building requiring manual elements, why wouldn’t the most important part not need a manual element to it?

Source: huffpost.com

Source: huffpost.com

3) Although Backlink Software Is Often Cheaper, It’s A Short Term Solution

There isn’t much more to add to this, but yes, it’s a dangerous mindset to have if you focus on nothing more than quick wins as it relates to link building. We have seen countless advertisements of software programs out there claiming to help their customers succeed with SEO using some new, “secret”, powerful method of building links.

Sure, the claims, testimonies, and case studies might be 100% genuine and accurate, but it’s a dangerous thing only to focus on the immediate future as it relates to the SEO for your website. One of the primary reasons SEO is a preferred digital marketing tactic by us and 1,000s of other digital marketing professionals is because the benefits that come from it can be long lasting. Some of the most successful and highest ranking websites online have been such for 5, 8, even 10+ years. There is no way such longevity and success came from a spammy, short-sighted link building strategy.

4) Human Interaction Associated With Manual Link Building Creates Long-Term Linking Opportunities

One of the most under-talked about benefits of link building is that when you establish a relationship with other sites willing to link to yours, it opens up the opportunity to gain relevant and powerful backlinks for years to come. However, when software is used… what tends to happen is there is no human interaction with the websites the software focuses on to create a backlink from your site.

Source: otrams.com

Source: otrams.com

Additionally, in some cases… the backlinks that the software can initiate end up being viewed as spam by website owners who’s website has become a target for many of the software programs currently used for link building. What this can ultimately do is prevent future link opportunities that may come from a manual link building campaign since in their mind, your brand and website will be associated with spamming.


These are just 4 of the long list of reasons why a backlinks creator should by 100% manual…

For those of you familiar with other articles we’ve published related to link building here at Nomvo.com, you probably remember us repeatedly saying that it’s important to speed up the manual and tedious elements of link building by using software. However, it’s even more important to use these tools to improve link acquisition, not to automate it.

If at the time of reading this article you’re convinced that there is an automatic backlink software that is safe or proves anything stated above is inaccurate, please leave a comment below or contact us. Also, if you’d like to know some specific recommendations we have as it relates to tools that can be used to speed up the link building process, be sure to let us know. Nomvo!

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