Finding An SEO Coach Produces 100% Guaranteed Results

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Like in many areas of life, not just sports… having a coach is one of the quickest ways to have certain success in whatever you’re doing and in whatever you’re trying to accomplish. As it relates to search engine optimization, having a coach that has experienced their own success and has an ability to communicate what it takes to succeed in this competitive aspect of digital marketing is one of the most valuable things a digital marketer can have. Whether you’re a company looking for someone to help and consult with your internal SEO team or you’re an individual trying to get ahead with your current digital marketing job, investing in SEO coaching is something you should consider. Even if you’re a small business that is not in the position to have your own marketing team or to pay an SEO agency to direct and implement this aspect of digital marketing for you, many benefits can come from hiring a coach.



Before we get into how you can get 100% guaranteed results from an SEO standpoint when you hire an experienced and talented digital marketing coach, we’d like to take a moment to remind you that this type of coaching isn’t for everyone. We’ve all heard of coaches in sports and in other areas of life that are known for being very tough, and in some cases disrespectful to their students. In our opinion, that type of coaching isn’t necessary or recommended when it comes to SEO… however, it’s important to remember that everyone simply isn’t built to have a much more experienced person telling them what they should or shouldn’t do to get better as it relates to SEO.

We’ve seen many companies invest in SEO consulting and coaching services, yet they’re unwilling to trust what they are being told because the company feels that they already know what they need to continue to improve their SEO presence. This type of mindset is not ideal for the relationship that will exist between a search engine marketing coach and that of their “student”. In other instances, a digital marketer might hire a coach hoping to get another set of eyes on what they can do for their career path or on a particular SEO strategy they want to implement. But since the individual has already experienced a measure of success, and the coach might see or recommend something the marketer has disregarded, such insights from the coach can result in tension and issues from the perspective of the client.



The point is this, having an SEO coach can create massive success from an SEO standpoint, but it’s not necessarily pleasant for the “student”. Hopefully, that quick reminder will help you get a sense of whether or not your business and/or personal perception of an SEO coach is conducive to hiring and working with one.

Below Are 4 Important Reminders To Help You Succeed With SEO Coaching

1) Understand What It Means To Have An SEO Coach

From the perspective of the SEO coach, once they have a clear understanding of your short term goals, your long term goals, your budget, you ideal timetable, your industry, and organic search engine competitors… their mindset is to process it all, and then tell you exactly what you need to do to accomplish what your said goals are.

Whether they provide this insight on an on-going basis, or they create an SEO strategy for you to follow, implement, and track… you have to remember that they were hired because they are the experts and you accepted the fact that you needed their help. That doesn’t mean that your understanding of what’s best for your circumstances and business are irrelevant, but if you weren’t able to experience the success with SEO that you were aiming for prior to hiring a coach… then trusting in the SEO coach or not is going to be the difference between having an SEO campaign that succeeds and one that does not.

Additionally, before choosing an SEO coach… it’s important to take your time to ensure that they can actually prove to be of assistance to you. Just because someone calls themselves and SEO coach, markets themselves as such, or has been recommended to be one doesn’t mean they can add any value to your business. Always be sure to take your time to find out if the way they work, their methodologies, and their way of communication matches what you would expect from someone being paid to essentially “hold your hand” while you move travel on the path of SEO success.

2) Remember What This Type Of Coaching Isn’t



In short, this kind of business relationship is not one where you hire an expert to implement the work and identified strategies for you. One of the complaints we see from a lot of businesses is that they pay a lot of money to hire an SEO coach to help them or their marketing team succeed with SEO, but after the SEO expert has analyzed everything… they just provide the next steps and do nothing.

Again, with literally all coaching the world has ever seen, it’s up to the student to put in the work needed to succeed with whatever the coach is ASSISTING them with; not to do the work and put in the effort for them. So, for those of you wanting to improve your chances of succeeding with this form of search engine marketing, keep in mind that the coach is not there to implement the recommended strategies for you; unless you’re given the opportunity to pay them to do so.

3) Finding An SEO Coach With A PROVEN Track Record Is ALWAYS Worth The Investment

There are some instances where a business is surprised at how much a highly successful SEO coach might be charging for their services and expertise, but we’d like to remind you that this type of business engagement is an investment. Not only will an experienced expert in the digital marketing industry help you succeed with SEO, but they will also be interested in making sure you get an ROI from the money you spend in working with them.



This is one of the things you should get a clear sense of before choosing an SEO guide to work with.

4) Here’s Why More People Don’t Hire SEO Coaches

a) They’re not cheap – It’s not uncommon for an SEO coach to charge anywhere from $2,500 – $5,000 for their services. In addition to this, they might even charge hourly consulting fees of $200+ per hour for services that go out of the scope of what they normally offer.

b) They’re hard to find – At least the good ones are. An individual that knows exactly how to make a website succeed with SEO are probably always going to be busy with client work; if not their own online businesses. Just think, if you knew exactly where you could find gold that needed to be mined and you had the tools and knowledge to extract it, why would you settle for a job where you mined gold for other people? Only if it was worth your time and energy to do it for them instead of yourself.

c) They’re not highly valued… yet – Since SEO is still a relatively new industry that literally anyone can get into, whether it’s a 7-year-old or a 70-year-old… as long as they have a computer and can read and understand what it’s all about, they can learn SEO. With that being the case the mindset to pay someone to do something that’s so readily available isn’t the first inclination of most people and businesses.

In the opinion of many businesses and digital marketers, EXCLUDING us here at, SEO seems to be getting harder. That means that experts in this industry will get pursued more often than they may have been in the past; and at this time, we’re beginning to see that trend happen more often.

These are just a few of the important reminders for those of you thinking about investing in SEO coaching…



Of course, there are others that we could have mentioned, but we’ll cover them in a future article. The point of everything above is this… hiring an expert to help you succeed with SEO is always a good idea if you’re willing to trust the recommendations provided and implement the strategy that was researched and created specifically for your business and it’s unique set of circumstances.

Sure, this type of assistance isn’t generally classified as being cheap, but nothing that can create sustainable new business opportunities and revenue increases is ever “cheap.” So with that said, if you’re wondering whether or not you should be looking for this type of coaching or if you should hire a digital marketing agency… feel free to contact us. We’d love to share with you a few thoughts to help you make the best decision for your short term and long term success with SEO. Nomvo!

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