4 Reasons SEO Guaranteed First Page Results Isn’t Hard

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This is a subject that might catch some people by surprise since many SEO vendors and agencies repeatedly tell their new and existing clients that they cannot make guarantees when it comes to SEO. In a literal sense, that is true because SEO is governed by algorithms and formulas that no one can alter or control; aside from the search engines that own them.

Source: calpersloan.com

Source: calpersloan.com

At the same time, however, there is a cause and effect associated with SEO so much so that it’s pretty easy to know what the results will be when specific tactics and strategies are put in place.

– So… Why Do So Many SEO Vendors Avoid Offering SEO Guaranteed First Page Results?

Source: gettingtotruelove.com

Source: gettingtotruelove.com

1) Legally it’s probably not the best idea since a company could come back to sue their SEO agency for not living up to their guarantee(s).

2) It obligates the digital marketing agency to succeed with the SEO campaign, sometimes at great expense to themselves. Not only are there clients out there who do not have the needed budget to compete in the SEO markets they’re targeting, but sometimes their product, website, and/or brand will prevent success with SEO; all things that an SEO company cannot control.

3) Far too many search engine optimization agencies are too inexperienced to create strategies that will produce guaranteed results; which obviously puts them in a position where they cannot offer guarantees.

– Here Is Why Guaranteed SEO Results Should Be Offered And Expected

1) Experienced search engine optimization professionals that understand how to create an SEO strategy based on the research and analysis of competing websites for their clients will have no issue creating reasonable expectations and guarantees for their customers.

2) Just about every business willing to invest in SEO services would appreciate having some form of guarantee associated with the services rendered. That assurance makes it easier for them to continue to trust and invest in the services being offered by the vendor. Otherwise, SEO becomes nothing more than a gamble at best.

Source: lornapowe.files.wordpress.com

Source: lornapowe.files.wordpress.com

3) Having specific assurances and guarantees in place for an SEO campaign promotes a healthy business relationship. Most SEO agencies require that their customers commit to the services being offered by demanding a contract, so wouldn’t it be reasonable to give the client some form of reassurance of the what the results will be?

– With that out of the way… here’s 4 of the many reasons guaranteed first-page results isn’t difficult…

1) SEO Analysis & Research Clearly Shows What’s Needed For Page One Rankings

Source: makeitbetter.net

Source: makeitbetter.net

As we’ve said plenty of times in the past, this one of the most important steps that are often overlooked when creating and implementing an SEO strategy. Instead, it’s much easier only to provide SEO services and tactics that are common and “popular,” and for that reason, this is what far too many internet marketing companies offer their clients.

2) An Expert SEO Can Create A Strategy Based On Step #1 Above

With the above analysis and research complete, an SEO expert can then create the exact plan that needs to be implemented to get page one rankings for targeted keyword themes. Understanding things like on-page SEO tactics, the backlink and social signal profile, website age, and relevancy that organic search engine competitors have for targeted keywords is the easiest way to create an actionable SEO strategy for page one results.

3) SEO Has Never Been Hard. It’s Actually EASY; Although Tedious

Source: media.licdn.com

Source: media.licdn.com

For anyone out there that feels SEO is hard, maybe that’s just the case from their perspective. Despite all of the different adjustments and updates that have been made to search engine algorithms and SEO strategies, in all honesty, the same “WHITE HAT” tactics that worked in 2003 when we first started work extremely well today.

Are they hard? Nope.

Are they time consuming and tedious? They can be.

Are they worth the time, effort, and investment? Absolutely 100% of the time!

4) When You Choose The Right Vendor, Your Success & Investment In SEO Services Will Be “Easy”

Sadly, one of the things that many businesses look at when choosing a search engine optimization service provider is how “nice” their website is. If it is modern, professional and easy to navigate, the assumption is often made that they would be a good digital marketing vendor to work with… yep, sad. We’re not trying to offend anyone with that statement, but it’s just unfortunate that such a thought process happens quite often.

Instead, it’s important to choose a vendor that you can say YES to when considering these questions:

– Have they showed you a few client websites currently performing well in the organic search engine listings?

– Can they provide you with referrals of other companies they’ve provided SEO services for over a period of more than a year? (for new agencies this will be hard, we know)

– Do they implement SEO services and strategies on their own website? (meaning… do they even rank in the search engines for any digital marketing related keywords)


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