Buying The Cheapest SEO Packages Is Usually A Mistake

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Some of the most searched for SEO services related keywords are connected to the idea of finding vendors and experts that can provide these marketing services for “cheap.” We understand that there are a lot of businesses out there that are just now believing in and investing in this type of marketing strategy, yet it’s important for them to know what pitfalls to avoid when trying to find a bargain. Whatever the case is for you and your business, you have to remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to investing in the cheapest SEO packages currently being offered online.



It’s not just a matter of saving money and trying to find the best deal; we’re all for that type of mindset, we even encourage it. However, spending your marketing budget on the cheapest search engine optimization services you can find can end up being much worse than simply wasting money; such a decision can damage your online presence, from both a branding and search engine optimization standpoint.

Here Are A Few Common Ways That Using The Cheapest SEO Packages Can Hurt Your Business

1) They Usually Include Marketing Tactics That Are Bad For SEO

We’re not suggesting that all of the vendors out there who currently advertise and market their services as “cheap” will implement strategies and tactics that will be bad for your website; however, many of them do. An untold truth about trying to find someone that will do SEO for your site for as cheap as possible is that in most cases, the reason that the service being offer is so cheap is because much of the work done is automated and ignores SEO best practices.



Additionally, many of these digital marketing campaigns include services and tactics that involve spamming websites with copied or extremely low-quality content; which in some cases is created by software. Along with such low-quality content often comes backlink tactics that include spamming blogs & forums, and publishing content on free link directories that also link to websites that most companies don’t want their brand associated with.

2) They Often Lack Positive SEO Improvements

Many of the vendors that offer the above-described services are often more interested in making as much money as possible by any means necessary; completely ignoring the long term negative effects of an SEO strategy that uses blackhat automated tactics.



Not only do such vendors put too much emphasis on the quick “wins” that come with some blackhat strategies, but there is also no guarantee that any positive SEO progress will be made using such strategies.


The point is, don’t buy into an SEO solution just because it’s described as being cheap…

If you’re in a position where you cannot afford or don’t want to make the investment in the digital marketing services from a vendor that is within the standard price range of what’s common; you’re much better off staying away from SEO entirely. As much as it disturbs us to recommend that a business not invest in the benefits that come from a well researched and implemented SEO campaign, we’d feel more comfortable suggesting that a company use their marketing budget on something other than a cheap SEO campaign.



Of course, there are ways that a business can use whatever budget they have available, even if it’s in the range of $250-$1,000, to make some progress as it relates to SEO. Sure, it’s unlikely that your company website will be one of the highest ranked sites for the keywords you’re targeting, but there are ways to get an ROI from a digital marketing investment of that size.

We have covered some of our recommendations for companies currently in that situation in other articles here at, but if you let us know what you’re trying to accomplish and with what budget… we can give you some specific recommendations for your particular website, industry, and budget. Just leave a comment below or contact us directly using our contact page. Nomvo!


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